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Public starting to grow weary of Morgan Harrington story

July 27, 2010

Between the website going down along with recent comments on topix and a number of other places, I’m getting the impression that the Harringtons are beginning to loose public sympathy.

Has anyone else gotten the impression that:

1. Although Morgan’s murder was a tragedy, she put herself at risk that evening?

2. Pedestrians and motorists which use the Copely bridge in Charlottesville have a valid concern regarding the memorial becoming an hazard?


  1. seymour permalink

    I know I am tired of the Harringtons and this story. Would like to see other victims of crimes featured in the media. Don’t know why, unless it is money generating this, purchasing air time. Or is it that media knows it’s going to sell more papers with the ongoing story of an attractive white woman who acted stupidly and irresponsibly. What kind of message is this giving to others? Focus on this case in the manner it has been doing is suspicious and exclusive. Do the Harringtons think that celebrating their daughter’s every single tiresome milestone in her life really doing anything but bringing more attention to themselves? Don’ t see much of Morgan in it all. Yeah I know they say they’re doing it to keep Morgan’s case out center front but why? Don’t they trust Law Enforcement to do this? Again what messages are being put out? Maybe an offer from Lifetime movies would give the case the attention they desire.

    • Seymour,

      Much food for thought in your posting. I agree with your feelings on the matter. Although Morgan suffered a terrible fate, the whole thing is starting to become a very bad soap opera that wont come to an end.

  2. Cabernet permalink

    Well, thanks for this place to offer ‘free from propaganda-ish opinions’ . If one posts anything that smacks of not being “kind, big hearted, compassionate good people,” such as they are, one gets the ‘what for’ like mad. It is politically correct all this ‘Morgan’ speak. At The Hook some were making comparisons to cults as these Morgan Warriors-that’s what they call themselves on FB, behave and speak like zombies— to me anyway.

    Anyway heres what gets me—people die tragically every day, everywhere, in all manners of ways. We get the initial news about the majority of them and then nothing at all or maybe another followup bit. But like the poster above saying, if the victim is white or attractive or has money, has some sort of pull with the press, they will get the whole deal—from Nancy, to Jane, to Larry, et al. ,to having ones birthday party celebrated. Each and every month the Harringtons go to that bridge to bring attention. To whom? Morgan? No she’s gone . For the murderer? He’ll be found when he’s found and prob by LE. Why the bridge? Why not just make a statement from home, even by phone God forbid, if they must say anything at all? Because if they go to the bridge one of the Warriors is going to call the press and have them there. Why is there daughter more relevant to the media? It sells more copies with a pretty girl in the prime of her life than an unattractive one. So primitive and transparent it makes my stomach turn. Life is valuable for everyone, not one or two. Why is class distinction screaming in this whole deal to me? So for the family and the ‘Warriors’ to say anyone whose comments they don’t like is, evil and cold hearted, seems awfully narrow minded to me, and frankly being cruel themselves. Certainly no better than those they condemn. They do more name calling under the banner of ‘being good people’ than many I’ve seen. If you notice these types fall all over themselves telling everyone how wonderful and good they are, how they have found a new ‘family’ in this group, work harder and longer than anything, anyone else.

    My theory is: if you have to tell people who you are and what you do and how you do it, then you don’t have it! They all go into great detail on hard and long they work posting fliers, blah blah, and etc… Thing is, I think its great to help others, just get wary of those that treat their charity and volunteer work as special and unique. They seem majorly vocal and defensive about it–a bunch of martyrs. Takes all the goodness right out of it and inserts ego and personality imho. I’m sure I’ve offended 99% of the planet saying all this. Well, there’s been no place else to say it really. I’m ready for the assaults……………..

    Again thanks Bulldog for a-I hope, free and balanced place to speak ones sometime politically incorrect mind. However I think someone works real hard to get those threads shut down at The Hook lately. Very suspicious imo. Free speech is not welcomed in talk about this case from what I see.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I know more about the Morgan Harrington case then I’m prepared to say on a blog, and more then Stoyoncrime could ever hope to know. There is a lot more to what was up there then the general public is being told.

  3. BeachParty permalink

    Hey Bulldog, some guy named Kenny is over at Topix saying that if you hit the link to your site, they’ll get a virus. I guess people will say anything to keep others from discussing certain cases. Just a heads up.

    • Appreciate the heads up, but on further reflection I doubt it’s the “Kenny” from Virginia Tech. I think it’s just some dweeb out there who doesnt like me for whatever reason.

  4. Seymour permalink

    Well Bulldog, I wish I could say ‘do tell all’ but I think it would go over like a lead balloon, still maybe there will be one day, once place, for you to tell your story and shed some much needed light on this toooo, toooo secretive story. I had been thinking the silence around it was d/t not giving out too much info out relative to the killer and keeping the case more or less sealed for it to move into a conviction that would hold. However, you give me pause.

    Here’s my ideas of what you are staying silent on and don’t know if you can shed light on anything that would confirm/deny. That MH was not the pristine peace love and light young woman that is being put out. Not that this would mean anything as most of us aren’t sparkly clean. But what is being inferred to me anyway is a girl beyond reproach with no prior history, like the girl appeared on the planet one day all grown up and fresh and new. I am also wondering if there was more of a drug/alcohol issue than we are being told. There is a seeming connection to Ecstasy and something got her really loaded in the time between her getting dressed with her mom and the time she was last seen, suppose she could have been drugged as well. There is total silence around did she ever even date? Old boyfriends-zil. The guy/? she texted during the concert we know nothing of or content. The driver of the car-nada. Why? Why is the silence around this case beginning to equate secrets, sensationalism, past problems…..suspicions and intrigue vs. shedding light to give those asked to help solve the case more insight to who she was and what her pattern of behaviors were? Yet in spite of all this she still shouldn’t have met a tragic, violent end no matter what. And if this isn’t a random, serial abduction, could it mean that she may have known her killer? If this is the case, info about who she was, what she behaved like, old issues even around chronic drug use, if she ever went to rehab-which I’ve heard rumors of and if so who could she have met there, to hook up with again possibly. If there was this issue, it would be helpful in refocusing the direction and looking at new people.

    Sketch man and the DNA connection strikes me as unexpected as I was fully expecting a white hunter loner, disconnected type, but if if if MH had drug issues say, and was making contact w/dealers perhaps Sketch could have come in contact w/her. With drugs it is a can of worms and upon being opened seems to always lead to darkness, strangeness, drama, dishonor, negativity and a value system that is contrary to most of what we all typically assume to be the ‘norm’. There are some of us trying to work this case for the dough. We need info on drugs if they are involved beyond a superficial level, to send out more feelers if this is the case, otherwise, this is a part of the world I do not venture into, nor desire to, or even will approach if not needed. I’m supposing LE is going there if needed.

    Very frustrated and irritated that it has gotten to the point that on blogs one cannot even explore these potential issues w/out being verbally online assaulted for being mean and evil. I saw Dr. H’s announcement on the FM page that they were closed for the time being. He says something about I’m guessing some negative comments being made and how this is as ‘evil ‘ as the monster that killed her. Don’t know what was said to provoke this sort of radical response, but the whole thing now is loaded with so much emotion and drama it is hard to ask ?’s anywhere that may smack of a level of disrespect, yet are attempts to gain info/insight. It’s not encouraging at all. It’s like don’t dangle money and expect peace, love and light and results in asking randomly, for the general public’s assistance. If you put a bounty on the head of this dude, and ask, be prepared to go to unexpected places and hold on and you may not like it. Dr. H. says he has a thin skin, well, maybe he either needs to reconsider his requests/reward money or make some skin thickening changes. Otherwise I am not interested in being one of the many politically correct ‘fan’ members who put the Harringtons on an unrealistic pedestal, they’ve done nothing more than loving and grieving for their daughter and there are thousands of parents who have/are doing that as well who aren’t pushing themselves in the public eye every month/and week in Mrs. H’s blog. They aren’t special nor unique, but they have some money period. Personally I wish they’d have hired you or another PI to do the dirty work-you’d get paid for it for one thing. For another it wouldn’t have invited the general public with dollar bills into the mix and then have them be persecuted for trying to go further into this case and not be just another weepingly sloppy housewife hand wringing over their loss. I know I sound harsh, but there really is a giant disconnect for me in how they are managing their daughter’s case and how it is getting turned into a 3 ring circus. IMO they need to disappear as personalities and their personal drama and dryly focus on the facts of this case and the reality of allowing MH to just be the young woman she was vs. trying to get her canonized for sainthood as you said. It really has digressed into a PR campaign to remake/present this woman in the ways they’d like her to be remembered and not a search for a killer at all.

    Could you eventually write a book one day conceivably?

  5. Response to Seymour relocated to a blog posting of it’s own.

  6. If it is OK?
    I had 3 confirmed tips, a 4th and 5th very possible. The information that was provided with a wealth of information. Now the most important of the information needed conformation to become fact. But, later statements released on “The Hook” ,by Ms Geller and Dan confirmed to me that the information from my sources was now confirmed. They were 100% correct in the information given to me 5 months before these events were confirmed publicly. To bring this in to focus for the discussion here. I do believe Bull Dog had similar experiences, perhaps many more. The ultimate question is will these type of people now have an outlet? People do not want to speak to police officers usually. If your are seen in a police station or if a police car, marked or unmarked arrives at your door. The people of the village may very well show up with torches, pitchforks, guns and rope.
    This is why is see Bulldog as a missed opportunity for the Harringtons. Hope I brought that back to the topic Bulldog.
    Thank you

  7. MaryMargaret permalink

    Hi Bulldog and SJones,

    Just got back in town and saw ya’ll’s really nice posts in a response to mine on another thread.

    Bulldog, hope things have slowed down a bit for you and that you got some needed rest from the other day, and SJones, I want to say more but no time, however I’m glad I engaged you in a way that allowed you to pour out your thoughts on Morgan and her art. What great insights. Later I hopefully will say more, but just so busy now.

    Bulldog, want to mention to you about the latest on PinkonSlime but you prob know it already :), read the other day she is not going to release “Kickee’s” name. Of course this came a week after she announced that she would and got her “Hinkies” all riled up and getting the figurative ‘nooses’ ready for him. I wonder how he managed to convince her to not do it. As is everything surrounding this case, it all grows curiouser and more curiouser every day.

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