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The Caldwell fields Murders

August 14, 2010

It’s almost a year since Heidi Childs and David Metzler were murdered in a section of Jefferson National Forest known as “Caldwell Fields.”  Although I’ve been  familiar for several years with the the  shooting range (free to the public) on Craig Creek road, I didn’t even know that Caldwell Fields existed prior to the murders.    I don’t generally make use of the range, having seen too many acts of irresponsibility take place there (including the National Forest service’s refusal to have a range officer on site) but I digress. 

 It’s really quite a distance from the route 460 turn off to the location named Caldwell Fields; definately not a likely location  for someone to accidentally encounter while just passing through. Caldwell Fields is likely one of the most remote spots for fifty miles in any direction.  I had no idea how long the road travels in that direction, until after the murders.  A week later curiosity and concern got the better of me, and I travelled out to the crime scene (once law enforcement had reopened it to the public).,0,917610.story?track=rss

Most of the world seems focused on Morgan Harrington’s disappearance and subsequent murder, while seemingly for the most part unaware (or possibly uninterested) in the Caldwell Fields tragedy.  Perhaps  that is as it should be.  The parents of David Metzler and Heidi Childs seem more interested in privacy then publicity.  There’s no publicist involved or billboard reminder for this case.  The violent act itself was certainly no less heinous then whatever befell poor Morgan, and remains just as large a mystery. 

These two victims were in love… perhaps they had gone off alone that fateful evening to discuss long term plans. My own suspicion is that they were murdered sheerly for the thrill of it, victims of  a true sociopath.  I only wish I could somehow help bring closure for the families and a truly evil person to justice.


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  1. MaryMargaret permalink

    Bravo Bulldog, thank you, this is really needed. Please don’t let go. Evil truly is roaming the earth. We need freedom fighters, and it would be great if coverage of this case picks up.

  2. Mary,

    Thank you for your kind words. I can’t go into detail but I will say I’m keeping a very close eye on the situation, and will do anything I can to assist law enforcement in solving this matter.

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