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There’s no excuse for animal cruelty

August 24, 2010

Most people are aware that Michael Vick wound up with serious legal trouble from involvement in dog fighting, due to his celebrity status.  It about blew my mind when he was invited back to the Virginia Tech bookstore to sign footballs and other Hokie paraphenalia.

What was Tech administration thinking?  Strictly from a public relations point of view (let alone a moral one), I would think they would want to distance the university from Michael Vick as far as possible.  Someone at Tech, apparently far better with a calculator then I, made a fiscal decision to embrace their prodigal son.   As far as Tech is concerned, all is forgiven.

Yes, Michael Vick, a true humanitarian.

For me at least, the whole situation opens up new questions:

Read the link above, all you “Beamer’s got my vote!” T-shirt wearers out there…  Do you claim ignorance or apathy?

Celebrity status often results in a “slap on the wrist,” and alot more sympathy then John Q. Public could ever hope to recieve.  Absolutely Disgusting.

Which brings us to the present. 

The reason I’m bringing up old news (and possibly opening old wounds), is that dog fighting remains a huge problem in Virginia.  It’s not just limited to Scurry County, former home of the “Bad Newz Kennels.”  In fact, I have reason to believe that dog fights are hosted right here in Virginia’s NRV (New River Valley.)    Dog fighting competitions are something I want to look into in more depth,  and if possible help stop.

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