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The Morgan Harrington case: The sighting on “the Lawn.”

August 26, 2010

I’ve had several inquiries and even phone calls regarding one Morgan Harrington sighting in particular, which has become known as  the sighting on “the lawn.” 

I had responded in the comments section to a poster, but since that sighting seems to be of particular interest I’ve decided to move my response up to the front:

Sorry , we will have to agree to disagree on that one. The “lawn sighting” is one of the few remaining that I take very seriously… I can’t expand on why that is, but I do. I personally spoke with that source. Although I can understand why some people may become frustrated while speaking to her, I don’t believe she made up her story. Additionally, there are other reasons why I take that sighting seriously. When I had “pushed the Harringtons” to offically bring me on the case, this sighting was the primary reason. There were people on the UVA campus that I wanted to talk to in person, and something else worth looking at that I won’t go into here.

  1. brid1get permalink

    I have been wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question. Mr. Bass bought Anchorage Farm in 1983 but did not move there right away. Was their a groundskeeper or caretaker for the property that took care of it maybe one from the previous owner (2 elderly women) that died in 1978. Did the property go to someone else or to probate. Would like to know about a caretaker…Any thoughts.

    • Brid1get:

      Very intelligent deductive reasoning. I initially hesitated approving your comment as I’m sure it will result in all sorts of speculation… possibly showing up one way or another over on Blink for her minions to fawn over. They are you know, getting hungry for new information. The movie “Dawn of the Dead” comes to mind.

      I am not privy to additional information regarding Anchorage Farm, or past associations related to same. I have not been pursuing the investigation. That being said, you are I believe possibly on to something. I sincerely doubt that Morgan’s remains turned up on that farm by chance.

  2. Brian permalink

    I was banned from the Find Morgan forum for speaking my mind without threats or profanity about my dissatisfaction with three members who did nothing but offer contradictory, negative comments about concerned members’ posts, Morgan, and her friends. I was also fed up with the constant banter about Morgan being on drugs, drunk, or being a runaway! Why forum moderators allowed such banter is beyond me.
    I was banned, despite being logged in for twelve plus hours every day for two months straight without a break. I offered numerous ideas and thoughts leading to a great deal of dialogue. My threads kept the forum active and going in a positive direction even at its lowest points. You’ll see, just look for my threads and posts.
    Banned! That’s the gratitude I received. To Morgan’s family and friends; I did my best. I’m sorry Morgan’s character has been muddied by the slanderous statements of the few who have no idea why she behaved as she did. I hope you find Morgan safe, and soon!

  3. *** Response moved to it’s own thread.***


  4. The sighting on “the Lawn.”
    The other comments seem not to be on topic.
    It is called the sighting, just not the case at all. There are 3 in the area. They were discounted because of the bare legs vs leggings or height of boots!
    But, actually all 3 were correct, not seen at the time of all discussions. Funny, how people discount information based on lack of information. Then, when the description fits, these people just avoid the entire subject. Like a tree Camera, a tarp, a musician.
    Remember, winky even made statements to Dave Mathews, now where did that go???

    So, the lawn. That is when bulldog needed to go and see! But, with out a client, even if free of charge, he had no choice.

    Next 4 th of July, Gil. Hopefully she will not be with Dan, can look back and see what was lost. When she comes out of the man made fog, she will be a force to be dealt with.

    God’s Speed Gil, open the sails and find the TRUTH!

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