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Brian’s comments about the forum

September 2, 2010

Brian says:

September 2, 2010 at 10:35 am (Edit)
I was banned from the Find Morgan forum for speaking my mind without threats or profanity about my dissatisfaction with three members who did nothing but offer contradictory, negative comments about concerned members’ posts, Morgan, and her friends. I was also fed up with the constant banter about Morgan being on drugs, drunk, or being a runaway! Why forum moderators allowed such banter is beyond me.
I was banned, despite being logged in for twelve plus hours every day for two months straight without a break. I offered numerous ideas and thoughts leading to a great deal of dialogue. My threads kept the forum active and going in a positive direction even at its lowest points. You’ll see, just look for my threads and posts.
Banned! That’s the gratitude I received. To Morgan’s family and friends; I did my best. I’m sorry Morgan’s character has been muddied by the slanderous statements of the few who have no idea why she behaved as she did. I hope you find Morgan safe, and soon!


Bulldog’s Response:


The Morgan Harrington disappearance, and resulting website were indeed very interesting and easy to hyper focus on… but 12 plus hours a day? If you say in sincerity, then I’m afraid I’m going to have to be a bit harsh on you and not pull punches. Unfortunately in my response, I may sound a bit like a former radio personality  I have little tolerance for.  “Doctor” Laura used to beat up on her callers all the time.

Dude, you need to get a life. Seriously. What happened to Morgan Harrington was a terrible and tragic thing certainly, but there are other things for us non-family members to focus on… like… our own lives.  Hopefully we all have responsibilities, loved ones, and other matters that need attending.

As for the rest of your message, which I will paraphrase here:

1. Being banned for speaking your mind
2. Morgan being victimized by slanderous statements on the forum
3. The lack of gratitude you received

I would like to respond to your stated concerns.

1. Banishment from for speaking your mind.

Yes, that was a frequent occurrence from what I witnessed  at… I mean  Many other previous members have expressed the same frustration.  It’s also likely what lead to a lot of the harsh feelings… members voluntarily leaving , and the arguing that transpired on that website.

If the moderators or “Morgan’s Warriors” didn’t like a posting for whatever reason, it was often removed from the public view. If a ‘repeat offender’ surfaced, someone who tended to post suggestions Morgan’s behavior that evening was less then stellar, the individual in question was often banned.

This brings us into your second concern:

2. Morgan being victimized by slanderous statements on the forum

Now, there were inappropriate postings that would occasionally show up on the forum.  Self-proclaimed psychics and others that felt the need to describe Morgan being chopped up in a stump grinder and so forth would feel the need to post their “insights.”  I certainly would of banned those individuals as well. (See my side note at bottom)

But the banning and censorship went well beyond that.  I for one, didn’t buy into the ‘Mary Poppins’ motif that was so prevalent on the forum.  Many of the comments made fell along these lines:

“Our golden haired angel is showing us the way from above…. shine on Morgan, shine on.”

I’m sorry, but that kind of sappiness posted  by forum members who had never even encountered Morgan Harrington, made me want to reach for the Pepto-Bismol.  Once or twice something stronger was desired.  Sometimes a posting was so syrupy, I would of graciously accepted that shot of Jack Daniels which S. Jones offered me in another thread.  I could of used it  to clear my throat of all that sticky sweetness.

Yes, that’s pretty harsh… but after a while the continual  sympathetic sentiment really started to work on me (and probably anyone else trying to stumble on worthwhile theories or information).

Again, as stated earlier I’m not going to get into many specifics regarding what I found as I explored the world of Morgan Harrington.  I did however learn things from talking to people that knew her personally:  students from Virginia Tech, VT staff members, Morgan’s circle of friends, and her other acquaintances.  The picture painted for me was not the same image of Morgan floating around the forum.  How could it be? She was a real live person, not some fictional icon.

Morgan Harrington was not Cindy Brady, Mary Poppins, or any other character you might encounter in a G-rated Walt Disney movie. Nor do I want to imply she deserved her apparent fate. Morgan Harrington was a real person.  She had all the flaws, gifts, concerns, dreams, frustrations, hopes, and bad habits that make up a member of humanity.   Any other portrayal of her  is simply false.

A bit of reality showing up on and the portrayal of her by the media, may have greatly benefited the state police investigation into her disappearance and resulting murder. The goal of reaching out to the public is to bring worthwhile tips forward. You’re going to alienate someone “in the know” by canonizing the victim , at least I think so.  Now what should of been released and what should not?  That’s very tricky… I’d have to really study over that.  I do think more information should been released.  For one thing it would help squash certain lines of speculation and perhaps jog someones memory of an event that struck them as initially insignificant.

The Virginia state police finally also reached that same conclusion.  I forget how many months had passed before VSP made the official announcement: “Morgan Harrington had been drinking that evening.” I literally slapped my forehead when that was put out there   Truly a Homer Simpson “Doh!” moment if there ever was one.  Really…? Drinking?? At a rock concert?? Wow! Who woulda think it?

Item #3 The lack of gratitude you received

Editor’s note.  Previously I had written a rather harsh paragraph of agreement with Brian’s comments.  After some reflection (and time)  has passed, I’ve decided this part of my blog posting was out of line.  Perhaps Brian had recieved as he put it ‘a lack of gratitude.’  Perhaps I had as well.  On the other hand, I’m not so sure that we should of  focused on  that aspect.   This was someone’s child, someone’s little girl who was murdered that evening and found laying in a farmer’s field.

Gratitude, no gratitude…   Whatever.  I regret some of my earlier comments regarding the whole affair.  I want justice for the Harringtons.  I’ve known for quite some time that the answers they seek were on the UVA campus.  New information seems to confirm that belief.    I won’t elaborate further on that statement.   I won’t encourage Ms. Harrington’s killer to burrow deeper into hiding.

The answers were at UVA.   Are they still?

I don’t know.



It’s a place to start.



  1. The last line:
    “I hope you find Morgan safe, and soon!”
    That is why banned was correct. In my opinion! 12 hours a day for the person, would be an under stament!
    I got banned, so live with it! Bulldog, this is the start of a circus!
    I trust you! So, i’ll shut the F— Up on this one!

  2. Bulldog, I have an honest question for you — this is something which has bothered me from the beginning — Morgan obviously was underage to purchase and consume alcohol — as were all of the people who attended the concert with her.

    I was a college student once, and even went to parties at JMU — no one is naive that college students imbibe in alcohol and other substances. I don’t criticize Morgan and party for doing that.

    But what has bugged me from the beginning, “if” — if — Morgan’s decision to leave JPJ — or a better way to state it — if her thinking was impaired either from alcohol or drug consumption — again, I’m not criticizing her for that — it should not be difficult to find out where she got the booze from — who purchased and supplied alcohol to a minor — how come there has not been arrest made of that person ?

    I’m serious — I know it would be a difficult, if not impossible, task to tie that into her eventual fate — but if somebody hadn’t bought alcohol and somebody hadn’t given it to her — then maybe she would not have made the decision to walk out the doors and safety of JPJ —

    I’m serious about this, and it really upsets me — ie, Va. law states that if a restaurant or bar serves a person who is visibly intoxicated, and that person gets into a car and has an accident, or God forbid, kills someone – -the bar can be held accountable —

    More recently, last year’s prom season in Henrico County, parents were charged and successfully prosecuted for supplying alcohol to minors — even though it was a private party with parental chaperones.

    I applaud Henrico police and the CA’s actions in bringing that to trial.

    Sorry this got a little long, but if you can shed light on that, I sure would appreciate it.

    • This brings up an intelligent line of questioning…

      Let me directly quote part of your post which points directly at the heart of the matter….

      “if her thinking was impaired either from alcohol or drug consumption — again, I’m not criticizing her for that — it should not be difficult to find out where she got the booze from — who purchased and supplied alcohol to a minor — how come there has not been arrest made of that person.”

      Actually, part of your answer lies right in your question… as well as a good portion of my arguement from day one that the Harringtons made a mistake not using a private investigator.

      Now I may risk ticking off heavy metal fans with this synopsis… but, that’s the way it goes.

      I have never attended a heavy metal concert personally. I value my hearing and don’t like acid rock. I am however pretty confident that drugs, underage drinking, and all sorts of things go on at rock concerts. I also am confident that a good number of attendees may not be in a big hurry to share information with law enforcement…. even in a young woman’s disappearance.

      How exactly would the conversation go?

      “Officer smith… the girl you’re looking for…Morgan Harrington? Well she had been drinking…”

      Or hypothetically

      “Officer Smith… that missing girl… she had been smoking pot…”

      Oh really? Thanks for the tip… by the way, Ms. Tipster how would you know? I mean know for certain…. Were you drinking too? Really… how old are you?

      Dabble in weed perhaps?

      Bottom line… Underage drinkers, pot smokers, Et. Al. are NOT in a big hurry to share those tidbits of information with a law enforcement officer. Period. They don’t want to be pulled into the spotlight, arrested, or scrutinized themselves… Virginia Tech for example, has a not to often yet present ‘student code of conduct’ policy. I’m not sure what the situation is at UVA… are you allowed to drink on campus? In the stadium? (Doubtful) In the parking lot? (Also doubtful) I’m not even getting into the age porition of the equation there… I’m just talking in general.

      A private investigator, or at least me, is not interested in Jane Doe’s being underage and obtaining alcohol. All I’m interested in (or was interested in) is that she provided it to Morgan… because it provides a clue that a PI (or LE) can expand on with deductive reasoning.

      Hypothetical Example:

      Known: Morgan Harrington had been drinking.
      Unknown, but plausible: She had been drinking beer. A lot of it
      Deductive Conclusion: She would need to use a bathroom somewhere not long after leaving the concert

      Any one know about the Sheetz sighting? Actually, that is a lead I had pursued before more information lead me in other directions…

      Sighting: A woman thought she had briefly seen Morgan Harrington at a Sheetz gas station. Appeared to be a quick stop, maybe to use the bathroom.

      Hmm…. Beer (likely) + time does that = Bathroom Break?

      My gut says yes. In terms of the Sheetz location, I’m afraid based on information and instinct, my answer is no.

      So right you are… technically Morgan Harrington was engaged in illegal activities (under age drinking)… and possibly more. Just how much in a hurry would her ‘fair weather friends’ and the other concert goers be to share that information with the police.. or more specifically where she got the alcohol and/or other substances…

      So..that is why you use a PI. He or she may be able to get people to talk to them that won’t talk to LE. ‘Back Alley’ people have consciences too. Dabbling in drugs doesn’t mean that you condone abduction or murder. It does mean you probably won’t talk to Officer Smith. The investigator’s sole interest is in focusing the matter at hand. (There are exceptions. A situation where someone is at immediate risk, and/or the welfare of a child. )

      How much attention would they want brought to themselves? I can assure you not all that much.

      Where did she get the booze? Who did she really leave with? What were her plans later on that evening? Did she possibly attend a party ‘on the lawn’ at UVA campus later that evening?

      I know… ask the publicist!


  3. Thanks, Bulldog, for your reply — had I been in the Harringtons’ shoes, one of my first steps would have been to hire a PI — and fast — Mrs. Harrington has alluded to the fact they attended the Charlotte, NC Metallica concert looking for Morgan. I don’t recall the source, but it’s my understanding that LE was present at that same concert, which was within days of the JPJ concert, so they had to be going on the same premise that Morgan was alive at that time.

    Not to be critical of LE, but just my own opinion they dropped the ball in the initial, and so important, stage of this awful case. In the Monday, October 19th presser, Lt. Rader on public TV — which you can probably still find somewhere on youtube — is begging those “friends” to come forward with information, which was just ludicrous to me. You are the police. Get in your police car, drive to JMU, flash your badge and ask the hard questions, get the answers. It’s been alleged kind of all over the net that the friends “lawyered up” — who cares ? If it’s true they played no part in the disappearance and ultimate death of Morgan, what do they have to hide?

    In that same presser, Rader asks the public who may have been in attendance at that concert to review your cameras and film for pictures of Morgan — but they gave no picture as a reference point, other than family pictures and her Va. driver’s license photo. LE should have gotten pictures from those friends prior to that presser to post during the presser.

    “Please check your camera and pictures of a blonde haired girl wearing a black mini skirt at the concert.”

    Give me a break.

    If they purchased, procurred the alcohol, drugs which Morgan may or may not have consumed, then cut them a deal — no prosecution, we just have to know the true facts.

    You cannot tell me that those people in the car with her — Amelia Melvin and Sarah Snead, and Morgan Nichols’ then boyfriend Dan C — at least Melvin and Snead have pictures posted on their then public access FBs — they take pictures all the time. they took pictures of them guzzling booze two weeks later on Halloween where Snead is dressed up like a “zombie Morgan” and one was dressed as a mummy under a big “2 4 1” sign plastered above the door.

    If they refuse to talk, then arrest them for impeding an investigation. Get a judge to hold them in contempt until they tell what they know. Sitting in a jail cell for a few days may jog their memory of, oh, yeah, we do have pictures, and we do remember who gave us the booze.

    Bulldog, I hear you loud and clear on perhaps they would talk to you before the police. But unfortunately, those are not the facts here.

    The police need to step up their game and quit handling those “friends” with kit gloves and use your police — and FBI — procedures and get that information.

    Unfortunately, we are too far down the road for now for that. It’s alleged the shirt she was wearing that night was found in early Nov. Why were not pictures of the actual shirt circulated using all the press at their fingertips at that time. She Sheetz sighting alleged it was only the block lettering of Pantera on the front of the shirt. It’s been stated on another blog, your friend BOC, that Sarah Snead gave Morgan that shirt the week prior to the concert. So why the inaccurate description of the shirt she was wearing in the initial presser ? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Why were not accurate pictures, which had to have been taken that night by Snead and Melvin, not posted and obtained by police in the early days.

    At the briefing in that November search, prior to persons going out on the search, Sarah Snead sat right in that room as the leader described the boots Morgan was wearing as “Doc Martins, with a low, chunky heel” — she did not speak up to correct the information, and later she was observed in a conversation with an older adult woman stating she was NOT going out on the search, and the woman insisting she was. Why didn’t she want to go on the search ? Did she have information that Morgan was dead ? Later, in an article published by Cosmopolitan magazine, Hendrix is quoted as stating when the news of Morgan’s remains were found, Snead called her crying so hard she couldn’t talk. Was that because Snead was afraid they also found evidence which may tie “the friends” to Morgan’s death.

    There are pictures which you can easily find on the internet with a google images search of Snead and Maggie Hendrix and the other “nine” laughing and making faces during the search — there’s a terrible picture of Hendrix under the sign which reads: Morgan Harrington shuttle — with her thumb stuck out mocking the description of Morgan hitchhiking. With “close” friends like this, who the hell needs enemies.

    Much later, the “tights” Morgan was wearing that night were then more accurately described as “leggings” which had no feet, and that Morgan wore socks on her feet. During the search, someone alleged that a pair of black leggings were found, but the team leader dismissed them as not relevant because they were not hose.

    I was not in charge of that search and no one asked my opinion, but to me, it’s obvious you bag and tag everything you find.

    People found jewelry that was thrown away as “not relevant”

    In those early days, everything was relevant until it could be vetted and at least documented before it was randomly just thrown away.

    Now it’s too late. Morgan is dead. Saint or sinner, she was 20 years old. She deserved the right to live out her life.

    Whether you like them or not (and Bulldog, I am in no way implying in that statement that you do not like the Harringtons — just a general “you”)

    These two parents are devastated and their loss is real and heart wrenching, as well as her brother Alex.

    There are too many questions relating to LE’s handling of this case from the early days, right on through to today. VPS has a long history of not releasing relevant information on criminal cases, and even using the press to publish false and misleading information in an effort to vett witnesses or potential witnesses.

    It hasn’t been real successful in the past — do a search of how many unsolved murder cases of young women there are in this broad area — and it obviously has not been successful in Morgan’s case.

    I do not believe there will ever be a conviction in this case, much less an arrest. Those critical golden hours in the 72 hrs. after she was reported missing are gone.

    In the case of what probably was a viable lead in the newspaper lady, LE made the determination initially that what she had to say was all wrong and stated: we can’t just haul people in for a lineup for no good cause. Well, then accompany Ms. P on the lawn and let her point out the young man she ID’d as being with the blonde on the lawn in the wee hrs. of the 18th so he can ID the blonde and close that door. What’s more ludicrous to me is — LE interviewed people living in that area, and said: no blonde lives there. Ms. P was positive she saw a blonde accompanied by 2 males leave that room. Hello ?

    Bulldog, sorry — didn’t mean to go on and on here — but this has been boiling inside me for awhile. I’m not a member of the findmorgan site and never attempted to post there, but my comments would not have made the editorial cut anyway. It’s refreshing to have a place to be able to post comments without bickering and criticism for stating the obvious: the friends know more than they’re stating, how come LE is not pushing them for answers.

    It’s too late for Morgan, but there have been new policies and procedures put in place in college campuses all across Virginia with this new fall term.

    Bulldog, I don’t think it’s possible to be a PI anywhere without forming some close bonds with some members of LE. Maybe you can call your sources, or LE friends, let them know some of the things you learned and see if that information can be useful.

    I think when all is said and done, this case is going to be a lot simpler than everyone seems to make it. I don’t think Morgan’s final resting place was specifically Anchorage Farm. I don’t think that that is a place whomever did this returns in times of high stress. I think the unsub, for lack of a better term, was familiar with the Blandemar farms area, either through work or friendship with someone living in that area, and knew that the back half of AF was not a place the farm owners frequented. To imply that Mr. Bass, the farm’s owner, or his daughter, whose FB was published for the world to see, which then caused her to close it, cutting off what could have been a source of information regarding activities on the farm, are directly involved in Morgan’s death is ludicrous, as well. If you killed her, or suspected your daughter killed her, why not just crush the remains with your tractor and not call LE. To tie it into the fire at the home on Sutherland is just as ridiculous. There was a terrible storm that weekend. Wind gusts up to 70 mph and over were recorded. What may have been a small fire in other environmental conditions, escalated due to the added wind. It was that same storm that caused Mr. Bass to go out and check his fences and eventually find Morgan. The commonality is the storm — not Morgan Harrington.

    Again, sorry this got long. Thank you for your indulgence.

  4. Damn!
    Poster, that is real!

    I do not know if refreshing is the proper word, but ! Worth the time for sure.
    The names, the times! I will back you up! On target, not even one statement that I cannot support. How can it be that you and I have these things and LE does not act?

    I know when Bulldog was sent to pasture, there was a group that went looking for the dog. I was not able to answer these people, Bulldog is one of akind. But, I see with you what others do not see.

    The friends did and do want to help, it is just not safe for them.

    I do not think I ever read anything that hit facts like you just did!

    Please, I will stay! Will you please stay!

  5. Baffled permalink

    I think a fair question to you would be how did you come by “Brian’s” comment? It seems extremely odd that it is copied verbatim (extra spaces and all) from an article from eight months ago. Obviously, since the last sentence says he hopes she is found safe, it isn’t recent. Why would you feel the need to reply to a comment that was made eight months ago somewhere else? Further, there is no citation to indicate that this comment originally did come from I’m wondering, since there wasn’t a reply from Brian after your comment, if he is even aware of this? Shall we ask?

    What could possibly be the purpose of dredging up a very old, very stale comment? Why so much interest in bringing up old news on This last posting really makes it look as though you have a particular desire to keep this topic going. If, on the other hand, Brian, for some reason, copied his own old comment to ask you about, I apologize.


    • Interesting and fair question.

      Brian’s comment was placed in response to my “The sighting on the Lawn” post. It’s still visible there. I copied it from that location and placed it in a blog posting of it’s own because it was an area I wanted to explore further. I was not aware that it was posted previously on another message base.

      That’s true about “he hopes she’s found safe…” being old and outdated. I didn’t catch that previously. I have no idea exactly what transpired regarding the posting, it does appear that someone may have transferred it from the examiner site. I didn’t personally keep on top of the examiner articles, or the resulting responses, for a couple of reasons. I believe they were written by an out of state PI and around the time she had become involved I had pretty much become disgusted with the whole affair. As a result I dropped out of the picture and focused on other things. Additionally, as the PI in question is not licensed in Virginia I felt she was trodding on shakey ground if she was moving into the arena of investigating the disappearance (versus Blinky style speculation).

      Additionally, I have no real desire to “keep the topic going.” Actually, I’d like to discuss other things (which should be obvious from my bringing up other topics of conversation). It’s the public at large that seems to want to continue exploring the Morgan Harrington disappearence.

      • Baffled permalink

        It is odd and I wondered why Brian would do that rather than ask a current question. So many things in newspaper blogs and other sites about this subject are just bizarre. I appreciate your response. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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