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JMU student stabbed during drunken Hokie brawl

September 19, 2010

Here we go again….

Media details are still (and will likely remain) sketchy. It’s not generally good for business to sling mud at the Hokies, even if earned.  My concerns however are more slanted towards public’s safety than kissing up to Tech.  

For the record, I also don’t forgive Michael Vick or believe he’s as Coach Beamer recently stated “a good person.”  That however is a whole other subject….

Here’s what limited information was released about the stabbing:

1. Stabbing occurred during a party

2. Arguement became physical, resulted in stabbing

3. Party had gone into wee hours of the evening

4. Party/stabbing took place at Pheasant Run’s Crossing

Pheasant Run Crossing is  a location I’m very familiar with.  Once upon a time I worked for a security company contracted to patrol there.  At that time we were strictly instructed not to intervene unless things got really out of hand. Constant drinking parties, mayhem, and the occasional brawl were the norm.  Come to think of it, Pheasant Run Crossing is where I witnessed (and put a stop to) a “tug of war” taking place between two monster trucks.  If that tow chain had broken, one of the trucks would of leapt forward likely resulting in a serious injury or death. 

Also stumbled on something in Today’s Roanoke Times.  Let’s see if I can link to it:

“Blacksburg police investigate accident”

“Witnesses at the scene stated the female, Kaitlin A. Thorpe, 18 year old resident of Fairfax Station, had fallen in the road prior to the vehicle driving over her.   Ms. Thorpe was transported to Montgomery Regional Hospital for several serious injuries where she remains in stable but serious condition.   Alcohol was not a factor with the driver but may have been a contributing factor with the pedestrian.”

Uhh, what that says to me is that a drunk/underage VT student  lost her balance and stumbled off the sidewalk.  She wound up falling into the road and was hit by an oncoming car.   I also noted the time 12:19AM.

Before I close this ramble, a friend forwarded me a link to a video shedding some insight on Hokie off campus life:

Here’s a video of a truck which mysteriously caught fire at Pheasant Run Crossing’s sister complex, Pheasant Run:

Warning: A fair amount of vulgar language during the video.  Apparently the intellectual videographer felt it would add to video quality. 

A bunch of students stood nearby and filmed the vehicle burning, probably on a flip camcorder (requiring them to be closeup).  They seem to be enjoying themselves from the laughter and conversation. Pretty lucky the truck didn’t explode on them while they huddled together and snickered!

As for where was security during the stabbing, and burning truck?  I have no idea.  The last I had heard the security contract called for one security officer to patrol FOUR apartment complexes in a rotation…  not exactly a very thorough approach.

Nope, no student related alcohol problems in Blacksburg, the “special place.”  Nothing to see here folks, move along.


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