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Response to my Virginia Tech Hokie Fan:

September 22, 2010

Apparently the Bulldog has a fan.  I recieved this yesterday from someone at Virginia Tech, and found it mildly amusing.    I suppose , properly motivated, I could find out additional specifics.  Who took time out from their important studies to write me ?  I feel so unworthy of the attention.    Unfortunately other pressing matters require my attention, so the poster shall remain shrouded in mystery:

Author : j (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
it was an ECU student that was ran over. not a tech student. be more “proficient with today’s Internet resources”

Bulldog’s response:

I stand corrected.  The media’s initial release did not state the victim was a ECU (East Carolina University) student.  That additional tidbit (of little consequence) came out later.

A reasonable person would conclude that Ms. Thorpe was here visiting friends and consuming alcoholic beverages in their company.  I find it unlikely she drove to Blacksburg, plopped herself on a bar stool, and proceeded to drink alcoholic beverages alone. 

Her (media released) age of 18 also supports the theory she attended a party. I’m not aware of any bar in Blacksburg willing to knowingly serve a minor. If anyone has conflicting information which I’m not privy to, feel free to share. 

Directed towards the quasi mysterious “poop:”

I applaud your choice of pseudoname. If you reread my posting carefully, you’ll see my hypothesis regarding Ms. Thorpe was plausible based on the situation.  Investigators typically solve cases through a process known as deductive reasoning. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Someone forwarded me a youtube video  link this morning which strikes me as appropriate.   Being published on Sept 17th ,  it’s reasonable to conclude the video content is quite recent.

A friend of yours perhaps?

 Familiarize yourself with the principal of Occum’s razor my friend, it’s useful in solving life’s little mysteries: 

 The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Detectives often use this philosophy to deduce the main suspect in a murder case.  Doctors ­use it to determine the  illness beneath a set of symptoms.

After applying Occum’s razor and a brief analysis on your commentary,  here are the resulting conclusions:

1. I’m dealing with a real intellectual here….
2. You attend Virginia Tech (from the ip and header information)
3. That you need to retake English 101

One final thought and/or piece of advice.:

 It’s unwise for you to enter into a battle of wits as an unarmed person.  You should plan out a strategy next time.


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