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The tragic loss of Morgan Harrington: Painful Lessons, Harsh Realities

September 28, 2010

One of “Morgan’s Warriors” called me late yesterday afternoon.  Just who called, why, and what we talked about… those details are unimportant.   I want to focus on the end result:   personal reflections and regrets.

Hopefully, my blog readers will see a different part of Bulldog this morning.  It’s not good to always be on the offensive.

This will be my last commentary on the topic of Morgan Harrington.   Other blogs and websites, please  follow suite. 

The time for speculation is over.

Morgan Harrington suffered a tragic ending she did not deserve, regardless of what mistakes she may of made that evening.   If memory serves, she was only twenty years old.   She had dreams yet to live, lives to touch.   I wish with all my heart that somehow I had crossed paths with her, while she was in trouble.

I also hope I would of had courage enough to intervene, even at the risk of my own life.

“Why?  A total stranger?  Do you  have some sort of hero complex?”

No.  It’s not that, but far more selfish reasons.  How could I look at myself in the mirror the following morning if I just walked away?  Worse yet, the week after?  It’s because I know something about losing a child.  It’s because I would give everything to not know.  For there to have been a different outcome.   If only someone could of stepped in.   Anyone.

 I know what total helplessness feels like.  Nothing comes close to that level of despair.   Nothing.   

The forum went down again yesterday, this time after careful forethought.   From what I surmise, the Harrington family sat down and talked the situation over.  They reflected,cried. and perhaps  prayed.  In the end, the Harringtons as a family decided it was best to pull the plug.    Does that sound like a strange way for me to word things?  “Pull the plug?”   Why not say “move on?” 

Because:  you don’t move on.  It doesn’t work that way.  Instead, you try to go on… to find the strength and the courage to live.  Every day in general it gets a tiny bit easier, you take another step forward.   Some days however are different. 

Some days you stumble backwards.

For what it’s worth, I want resolution for the Harrington Family.  They deserve answers.  They deserve peace.

To the murderous bastard that took Morgan’s life:  

 I have a message  for you.  You don’t want to cross paths with me.  Don’t let me  stumble upon your secret.  When a bulldog sees red, his fate becomes secondary to the objective.  Steer clear

To the animal responsible for the Caldwell Fields murders: 

  There is a warning for you as well.  The Bulldog is hunting you.  Run.

To Morgan Harrington: 

 Morgan, I apologize for judging you harshly.  I certainly have my own flaws.   Please be at rest.

That’s all I have to say about that.


One Comment
  1. Hi Bulldog….

    This case of the Morgan Harrington murder polarized many people who became active on the findmorgan forum. While most came to add support, became armchair detectives as they went through scholarly hypotheses on her killing, it also brought out the nutballs and the grandstanders. The forum went through antogonisms and arguments over what really might have happened. Early on, there was the “Bible code” explorers who somehow thought that there was a veritable GPS of texts imbedded into the Bible parables to interpret or actually locate the body.

    There were those who drove hundreds of miles to search on country roads at every red barn
    because a cult leader said a text proved she must be buried nearby. A following sprang up to follow this trend which sharply digressed from the astute discussions of the known facts at that time. The body was actually found by a farmer mowing grass on an outying field of his land. Her remains did have DNA evidence but there has been no match yet to a prepetrator. The Bible code crowd then proceeded with clues likely to find the killer. At some time, sanity intervened, the Bible code dialogue was removed from Forum discussions.

    One year since this aggregious murder and Morgan Harrington did not come home in Charlottesville. She joined the ranks of other horrendous UNSOLVED murders in the state of Virgina. An act of opportunity or was she stalked? That is still unknown. The forum is no more.

    The Harrington family tries to return to life after this tragic crime. The findmorgan forum members, perhaps thousands of people from every state connected by the internet, go back to their lives. It is wrong that our society suffers murderers to stalk, murder and walk away unscathed to hunt again.

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