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Blacksburg: An experiment in drunken lunacy

October 5, 2010

Parties, stabbings, a tragic death… each weekend brings a new occurrence to:  “Blacksburg, the special place.”

What excitement did Bulldog miss this last weekend while away?

Virginia Tech student arrested for using shotgun:

“…discharged his shotgun twice in an attempt to disperse a crowd in an altercation in front of his residence.”

It must of been one hell of an “altercation.”

Dude, if things are that bad down there get out of the Pheasant Run Crossing drunk tank. 

To whoever insists on living in one of those Blacksburg apartment complexes:  Get yourself one of these: 

A word to the wise is also in order:   know when legal statutes justify taking  forceful action!

(IE: Don’t grab a shotgun and fire shots in the air because a few guys are engaged in a fist fight.)

Rule of thumb:  ALWAYS call 911 if you personally are not in immediate danger, before taking any action. This is crucial for your own legal protection.  Even following that phone call, it’s almost always best to let law enforcement handle it.  Whenever a private citizen chooses to use force, they leave themselves vunerable to legal consequences. 

Bulldog is a Virginia registered armed security officer.  Once law enforcement arrived,  I would hope my credentials  would give me a bit more credence then your typical “concerned citizen.”   Even so, unless the incident was under one of four circumstances:

  • Was occuring on a property I was employed to protect
  • Was occuring on my property
  • Involved a loved one
  •  Was likely to result in serious injury or death of an involved participant

 I would still hesitate to directly interfere.   Of course, I’m speaking in generalities.  In a situation where weapons are involved, immediate action may be required … but one always proceeds at their own risk (both physically and legally).

In any case, the 911 phone call ALWAYS comes first.

I found it rather enlightening that the wild west show took place at Pheasant Run Crossing. 

Isn’t that the same location where  a student was recently stabbed? 

Could it be a drunken brawl transpired in Pheasant Run Crossing, resulting in one of the residents grabbing a shotgun and choosing to fire into the air?


Final thought:

You’d think that something would of been done following this incident:


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