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Who is “Cigar Guy”?

October 8, 2010

For the past couple of days Bulldog has been recovering from a bad case of the flu.  Since it’s been hard with a stopped up head to  focus on actual cases,  I began surfing the web to see what’s recently grabbed people’s attention.   Little did I know, an unsolved mystery has been floating around on the Internet.  Where’s Waldo has nothing on this…  The question of “Who is Cigar Guy?” has gone viral.  


I love a good mystery.  Just who is “Cigar Guy?”  That looks like a red wig on his head, and that Cheech Martin mustache… that has to be a fake.  Somehow, this dude in cheap polyester pants, managed to  maneuver to the front of the crowd of spectators at the Ryder cup.  There he is chomping on his cigar, while  Tiger Woods launches a ball straight at a photographer.  What is he, a distance of maybe thirty feet from the action?

Cigar Guy, way to go!

The scenario played itself out in Wales, presenting a stateside  PI with additional challenges in terms of figuring it out.   So who out there wants to play detective?  Pure curiosity has grabbed hold of me on this one….

Personally, I think some of the photoshops are hillarious.  Someone should put together a video of them with  “Don’t worry, be happy.” playing in the background.



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