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Virginia Tech: University or Junior High School?

October 14, 2010

Fight breaks out over table at West End Market

“Maurer said the approaching student called the seated student a “faggot,” while the seated student replied that the student should “return to his own country,” in reaction to what Maurer described as the approaching student’s “Australian” accent.”The approaching male pushed the seated student, which led to the fight.

“Somehow they claimed the table, and the other kid took it,” Maurer said.

What are we,  back in junior high?  You know, I’ve had just about enough of some of the immaturity and antics displayed by Virginia Tech students.  If I had been there having a cup of coffee and minding my own business, suddenly to have  Mr. VT spoiled brat pull that crap with me:  if the described  “approaching student”  came up to me, and gave me a good shove unprovoked…  I would of  reached up and broke his nose for him. 

For a university supposedly housing and educating some of Virginia’s brightest minds, there is room for improvement in student  maturity levels.

Hey Steger, how about less focus on football… and instead providing some rudimentary “welcome to adulthood, boys and girls”  lectures?  


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