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Bulldog’s approach to “Service of Process”

October 27, 2010

Pollock’s Process Serving

PO Box 42

 Narrows VA 24124

Law offices of John Doe

 55 Attorney Lane

 Roanoke VA 24018

 Ms. Jones:

 I appreciate the inquiry. It would be my pleasure to assist your firm with it’s anticipated process serving workload. In order to provide an accurate response regarding pricing, I need significantly more detail than was provided in your email.  Are we talking about a single service? Multiple? To where? Hopefully I’m not coming across as abrasive; that is not my intention.

 Let me offer some additional information in way of clarification.. Routine service typically includes up to three attempts.  If a recipient is unavailable during the first two visits, the final effort takes place during off hours (such as 8 PM on a weekday, or an early morning Saturday attempt). Currently I don’t have enough volume to offer routine service to Roanoke.

Each Roanoke based assignment is handled as a “rush,” and pre-arranged prior to commitment. If you or a representative was to contact my company and arrange for rush service, a first attempt would be made within 48 hours of receiving the documents (after clarifying the finer details such as availability.) If the documents were overnight mailed to my attention, and arrived on Tuesday afternoon, an attempt would be made early Friday morning at the latest.

Electronic submission is also acceptable, PDF and Microsoft Word formats being the preferred industry standards. We can also receive and deliver faxed instruments. Verification that the court of jurisdiction will deem their use as valid in legal proceedings is our client’s responsibility. No additional charges are incurred by our client for printing documents under ten pages or fax submissions under 6 pages in length. Many clients have found electronic submission more cost effective and efficient than traditional mailing.

We don’t charge for interactions with clients as a rule of thumb. Want to verify a document was received smoothly? Please contact us. Would your firm prefer a verbal update following a successful service attempt? Not a problem. We pride ourselves on “going the extra mile” for a client to ensure things go smoothly. You also had asked whether Pollock’s Process Serving is available to receive assignments on short notice. Yes, generally speaking. These scenarios require brief discussion prior to submission of documents.

Our process servers are fully equipped while on the road; a laptop, portable printer, cell phone, and GPS unit go with them in case of unanticipated scenarios. If your employer needs something addressed ASAP, contact us. We exist to assist legal firms with these matters.

 Volume assignments bring substantial discounts. The fee charged for one rush service should not be used to predict a quantity of six. If for example, client demand increased the volume of work headed to Roanoke, fees would be impacted accordingly. Travel expenses contribute significantly to billing rates.

 Additionally, it would be wise for me to dot my i’s and cross my t’s in this written correspondence with an attorney’s office. The fees described herein DO NOT include skip-tracing services. If our client provides an invalid address for the recipient then extra charges are incurred to locate them. (This scenario occurs frequently. People move, relocate and/or make strong efforts to avoid service.) It behooves law firms to verify recipient addresses prior to forwarding an assignment. I personally have tracked a witness from Roanoke to their new address in Haysi, but such efforts become costly. If we’re having problems delivering a document to an intended recipient, I personally will contact the client to discuss the matter, at no additional charge. Additionally, call whenever important for your organization, our personal inconvienence is irrelevant. If no one answers (which is quite rare) please leave a message. A call will be returned to prospective clients within an hour at most.

Is Pollock’s Process Serving the “cheapest game in town?” No. I’ve had a few out of state firms make inquiries similar to what I’d expect from someone ordering a pizza. “How quick?” & “How much?”

So why use us?

 I don’t want to sound overly smug, but your firm has not experienced persistent until it’s utilized our services.  I’m a hard core, hard to stop, provider of legal services… the primary process server, and the owner of the company. When you want it done right, you want me on the case. Whether it’s private investigation or process serving, very few are as focused on the end result.

 While serving documents I’ve been known to:

  •  park in a recipient’s driveway and wait for them to get home.
  •  park across the street and wait, anticipating their arrival
  •  locate a defendant’s POE’s (place of employment)
  •  made inquires of neighbors to find an individual
  •  entered gated communities on foot

When a client’s case hinges on a witness or is in a bind to get a document served, these sorts of extra effort are hard to put a price tag on. My goal, my purpose… is essentially to make life easier for my clients and to make profit, and in that order. Period.

 Can I file the documents at the courthouse on the firm’s behalf? Yes, and provide evidence of the filing

 Can I provide “express” service, going even beyond rush… IE: Drop everything I’m currently doing and address your needs?

 Yes, in general.

Skip Tracing services? Yes

Legally offer Private Investigation services?

 Yes. Our sister company, Bulldog Investigations and Security LLC, is fully licensed and insured.

 Hopefully this email has provided some answers, and perhaps invited more questions. Let’s sit down and explore options further at your convienance. 


James Pollock

 Pollock’s Process Serving

 President of Bulldog Investigations, LLC

Virginia DCJS License #11-6038


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