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Voluntary breathalyzer tests in “Blacksburg, the special place.”

November 3, 2010

I’m sorry, but don’t we have enough data to imply there’s a relationship between alcohol abuse and poor decision-making?  What exactly is being accomplished here?

“Past studies have shown that 80 to 90 percent of college students consume alcohol and participate in risky behavior related to alcohol.”

That statistic tossed out there… are we talking about Virginia Tech students or college students in general?

I found a reader’s response to the article far more enlightening then it’s content:

Absolutely stunned by the irresponsibility shown by everyone involved with this ‘research’.

Using private property with no permission from the town or the property owners, encouraging binge drinking (giving college kids a way to compete against other with BAC’s seems like a bad idea in general)… The list goes on.

The ivory tower view of the professor is pretty telling though. Pretty obvious he doesn’t see the hoards of drunken people crowding around his booths, funneling into the middle of the streets (where plenty of drunk (and sober) people are driving), and generally disrupting the town. The intent may be good, but damn these people are arrogant to think they’re only out there doing good.

Agreed.  Additionally, how is this expenditure of  what I can only assume are Federal Grant dollars particularly beneficial?

After the participant takes the Breathalyzer, the researcher provides feedback to show how safe the participant is being in regards to alcohol. If the participant’s BAC is over 0.05, the participant is advised not to drive.

With the research acquired, the researchers look for a correlation between the accuracy of emotional facial recognition and the BAC of participants. With a high BAC, participants are less able to pick up on social cues, and have an overall lower accuracy in distinguishing emotions.

Bulldog’s response:   Who came up with this brainstorm?  I can come up with a far more productive use of Federal grant money.  How about we make a stronger effort to curb the student drinking problem; preferably by actual enforcement of the student code of conduct?

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