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Where have Brittany Smith and Jeffery Easley disappeared to?

December 7, 2010

Things have gotten very hectic for Bulldog as of late:   two investigations, a third on the horizon, and a major process serving assignment ( over 80 recipients,  45 still remaining ) have kept me rather busy.

Additionally, there is now a Amber alert for a missing girl and her likely abductor:

Brittany Mae Smith, Age 12

The Roanoke Police, Virginia State Police, and the FBI are searching for this missing girl.

Heads up  Jeffery Easley.  You’ve got trouble.  Bulldog has joined the hunt. 

I don’t represent the family, nor am I in their employ.   Media released circumstances behind Brittany’s disappearance (along with additional details I’ve “sniffed out.” ) have convinced me to do some sleuthing on this case.  I came across a crucial clue yesterday, and have forwarded it on to law enforcement.

If anyone has  information regarding the girl’s whereabouts but for some reason are unwilling to share it with police, please contact me.   This girl needs to be located, before the situation deteriorates further.


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