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Westboro Baptist Church: Protest THIS

January 11, 2011

From the CNN article:

….the church announced its intention to picket the funeral of a 9-year-old girl — one of six people who died Saturday during the attempted assassination of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — Gilmer and others in the college town put their feet down….

But a flier released by the church about the picket targets the Roman Catholic Church because Christina and her family were members.

“God hates Catholics!” the flier, posted on the church’s “God Hates Fags” website, says. “God calls your religion ‘vain,’ as it’s empty of His truth; you worship idols!”


This has the Bulldog’s blood boiling a bit this morning.  Hey Fred Phelps, a message for you:

Stop lying to your misguided flock. You of all people certainly don’t have a hotline to God.  If your messages of hatred and anger reveal some sort of blessed insight, then I’m the Easter bunny.   If there is one particular type of people that the Divine Creator isn’t fond of, then you would make the perfect poster child to represent them.   I’ll euphemistically refer to this group of individuals as “doodyheads.”

  Do us all a favor and shut up.   I truly believe that we all come to answer for our actions, whether it’s in this life or the next.  You think your messages of hate earn you Karma points?  Think again…moron.

Speaking of making points, the Westboro Baptist Church made quite an impression with their low class, poor taste protest in Blacksburg about six months ago.  I’m sure quite a few Virginia Tech students and alumni would be happy to return the favor.  It’s about time someone hosted a protest at the Westboro Baptist church itself. If it wasn’t unwise for me to involve my company in such a volatile situation, I’d pick up the tab for a charter bus or two.   Why should Westboro always have to pick up the travel expenses?  Someone needs to bring the party right to the the front steps of their church…  a very, very tempting course of action for yours truly. 

Phelps, what do you know about the pain of loosing a child?  Even a owl dropping like you might have a slightly different perspective if you had been through such unimaginable pain.

If your true objective is to show everyone  the strength of your “moral fiber:”

 I challenge you to come protest ME.  Leave the girls family alone.  

Let me know if you need directions. 


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