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Another Virginia Tech student dead: Samuel James Wendler

January 27, 2011

04/30/11 Note:

I had put this blog entry up previously, but made the decision to pull it until more information was released regarding the cause of death. It appears my initial hypothesis was correct, the tragedy was alcohol related.   It appears there were also some other underlying factors involved, but I will not speculate on them.

The point was that the alcohol laden culture at Virginia Tech needs to be addressed.  There are far too many tragedies involving that university. 

Meanwhile,  America sits back in a stupor making heroes out of VT athletes who are good at tossing a football around.  You know, the Michael Vicks, Xavier Boyces, and  Lyndell Gibsons of the world.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget little brother, Marcus Vick:

When did our value systems get so screwy?  I thought college was about getting a good education, not drinking parties and football?



Original Entry:

Very sad.

I may be wrong, but I have a hunch that this latest death is also alcohol related…

What gives me that idea? 

1. The lack of information concerning the death being released.

2. Note the facebook postings by the deceased below.

Fights, students falling off balconies and yet another tragedy… VT is being very  close-lipped regarding the cause of death.  Mr. Wendler’s facebook wall however is publicly viewable.  If you flip through his “older posts” the vast majority are about drinking and parties….

Coincidence?  Maybe… time will tell.  My suspicion however is that it’s not… and once again history has repeated itself in Blacksburg.

 How much longer will Blacksburg that “special place” continue to look the other way regarding the problem?


Mr. Wendler’s facebook wall (which will likely be locked down from public view in the not too distant future)!/sammyal?sk=wall

Now Bulldog has never been a teetotaler, but when he went to college the primary focus was not seeing how much alcohol one could consume.  Have things really changed that much, or is this more characteristic of the Hokie experience?

  1. anonymous permalink

    Incredibly rude and insensitive. Regardless of whether or not VT has a drinking problem, exploiting Sam’s facebook posts is uneccessary. There is a lot more to a person than his or her status updates.

    • That’s your opinion. Mine is that addressing this issue is long overdue. In the meantime intoxicated VT students put the community at large at risk, while they travel to and fro in Blacksburg. Additionally, I am sorry that Mr. Wendel is no longer with us. I don’t want to see any more students wind up up deceased as a result of the continued inaction by Blacksburg and Tech administration regarding the problem.

      The point of putting his publicly accessible facebook wall postings here, was not to ‘beat up’ on Mr. Wendler. It was because those postings reiterated the same concerns I have expressed a number of times regarding what transpires in Blacksburg. In truth, I have read some very good and positive things regarding Samuel Wendler, which make his loss all the more tragic.

      I don’t know at this time that alcohol was involved in his death. That isn’t really the point anyway. The issue is how engrained alcohol consumption has become among the student body at tech. All one has to do is read between the lines regarding the study VT itself released:

      Only about 20% of students are experiencing repeated problems with alcohol.

      Let’s see now… what is the current estimated size of the student body ? Multiplied by 20% equals what number of students experiencing repeated problems with alcohol?

      Unfortunately, according to the college prowler the alcohol laden scenarios that are transpiring at Tech are also taking place at your institution of higher learning, Gettysburg college. Not a big surprise that a student from that college wouldn’t appreciate my point of view on the issue.


    • I additionally would like to point out the recent Roanoke Times article. I suggest they have a far greater readership then my blog, and also mention the facebook postings. Perhaps you may also wish to file a complaint with them as well?

      From the Roanoke Times:

      Task force tries to curb drinking at Virginia Tech

      The task force may soon have a third case to talk about.

      Virginia Tech student Sam Wendler of Pennsylvania posted the word “drink?” as the final status update to his Facebook page before his death this month.

      That night, the 19-year-old engineering major went out with friends, according to friend David Peeler, who was not present.

      Wendler was dead the next day, Jan. 21, when Blacksburg police and rescue crews went to his apartment in the 500 block of Sunridge Drive.

      Peeler said he didn’t know what happened but commented that Wendler had partied “less smart” of late.

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