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Collin Goddard: Clueless for 32

February 9, 2011

I’m sorry, but it’s more like clueless for 32.  I’ll have to go into more detail later when I have time to really focus on the subject.  Here however is the abbreviated version:

Virginia Tech administration had warning that Cho was troubled and possibly dangerous.  ALOT of warning.  From both faculty and other students.  Those warnings fell on deaf ears.  Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to hold Tech administration accountable for their failure to act?

Blaming the ability of Americans to own firearms rather then the perpetrator of the crime makes no more sense then blaming automobile manufacturers for the thousands of deaths caused by accidents. 

Yes, I’m aware that firearms and vehicles were created for different uses.  That being said, I believe that many more people are injured or killed in our nation by misuse of motorized vehicles then by firearms.  Additionally, the true issue at hand in both scenarios (death by firearms or automobiles) comes down to one of personal responsibility. 

Personal responsibility?  What’s that?

You know: The concept of holding one accountable for one’s actions.  Our society’s approach today however is to make certain  items inaccessible to the general public.  That way it will become harder for an ‘evil-doer’  to abuse such items.  Such thinking my friends, is a slippery slope.  Has anyone else noticed that you can no longer go to the hardware store and buy Red Devil Lye?  Iodine too, has become more tightly regulated.  Have you tried to buy your child a chemistry set lately?  How’s that being frisked at the airport for your own protection working out for you?

My hypothesis is that if there has been an increase in human suffering through the misuse of certain items, perhaps the real problem is that there has been a decrease in Americans acting responsibly… a degradation of our values.  Why do parents drop their kids off at the mall for hours at a time and expect mall security to act like some sort of free babysitting service?  When those youngsters mature into teenagers, why are they wandering the streets at 1 AM? 

 Look at my apparently favorite subject:  injuries and deaths caused by student alcohol abuse.  Is the answer then to blame the alcohol industry?   Should we sue Anheuser-Busch?  No?  Why not?  Isnt the product something that apparently the American public can’t be trusted with? 

But Bulldog!  What would we drink as we sit around watching the stupor-bowl?

Please.  Let’s not go there.

If Collin Goddard wanted to actually impact the problem of violence on campus, he would take on the bigger issues mentioned here instead of blaming access to items that require a certain level of responsibility.    I seem to remember something about two students getting into a fight at a Virginia Tech cafe.  One student was sitting at another’s preferred table when he arrived, and tempers flared up.  They must of been unduly influenced by the caffeinated beverages being consumed.  We need additional regulation.

All aboard the Fisher Price express- next stop: Mamby-Pamby Land


  1. Excellent.

    I remember hearing that Collin wanted stricter gun show laws, closing the “loophole.” Cho bought his gun at a store. Not a gun show. He bought it legally.

    I agree that the namby pambying of our children is leading to more violence. I am sure you and I grew up with “violent” cartoons, spankings and more and yet it is not our generation doing all this stuff.

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