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Bahrain: No second amendment

February 20, 2011

Here’s a little food for thought  for Collin Goddard, the Brady Campaign, and other Namby Pambiers to think about:

When you get all said and done, the creation of the second amendement was about the right of American citizens to protect themselves… from whatever:  looters during periods of crisis (the LA riots and the Katrina disaster), dirtbags in general, and heaven forbid from the government itself if it became too oppressive.

I  believe that Bahrain has very strict gun control.    These peacefully protesting citizens were not able to protect themselves.   Enough said.

Mr. Goddard, should I purchase you a plane ticket?  Sounds like a nice place for you to immigrate.

Would I ever want to see such civil unrest situations occur in the USA?  Certainly not.

Do you  really think it could never happen here?  Are you sure?

A quick google search and flip through of some resulting articles implied that the US Goverment and the goverment of  Bahrain are pretty buddy-buddy.  Gee, that will make us major brownie points with the citizens of the Arab World going forward.  Support of extremely suppressive regimes.


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