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So where’s the “hope and change?”

February 26, 2011

It’s 6AM on Saturday morning, and time for the Bulldog to get up and the gear together.  It’s going to be a long and likely profitable day.  On Saturday I do a lot of process serving,… it’s the best day to catch people home. 

The biggest downside is I really don’t like making money from human suffering.

For the last four months or so I’ve been running all over Bluefield, West Virginia serving papers.  I’ve been very busy, bringing out notices of delinquent debt to people.  Medical bills.  Warrants in Debt.  In the old days, I didn’t see that much of Mercer County that you wouldn’t find in  department of tourism travel guides.    A lot of what I witness now looks like what I’d expect to find in a poor country like Ecuador or even parts of Mexico, but not here…. not in the United States. 

I’m learning alot, and these are lessons they don’t teach you in high school or college.  Classes in despair, poverty, and complacency.  Lessons about myself. 

For the record, the fabled instinct experienced police officers supposedly develop is real.   I’m not law enforcement, but I too have learned to trust that inner voice, for it has saved my life more than once.

Many of the people I deal with have given up.  For them, there is no light at the end of the rainbow.  It hasn’t made a real difference whether the majority party is Democrat or Republican.  Excuse my French, but it’s the same old bullshit regardless of who’s in office.  These pour souls have lost hope, and they certainly haven’t seen any change… other than what they manage to dig out of their own pockets to buy a pack of cigarettes. 

Now here’s a youtube video from someone who talks about Bluefield, in a very callous, vindictive tone:

I don’t want to come across that way.  That’s not a fair or accurate assessment of the people who live there.    At the same time, the town has definately fallen into decline.  Why does our Federal government continue to give away hundreds of millions (or is it billions?) of  our tax dollars to other nations when we have such poverty right here?  Seems to me the money goes from our government to the government in power in those respective countries… places like Egypt.

“In Egypt specifically, $1.3 billion of the requested amount this year is for ‘peace and security.’

U.S. foreign aid has a variety of goals. Among them, lifting people out of poverty, promoting democracy and economic stability worldwide…”

Brian Wingford, you’re an uneducated fool.  I don’t care what your GPA was at UVA or what you studied at John Hopkins University.  Perhaps you can write a bit better then old Bulldog here, the punctuation and grammar in your articles no doubt more pristine then the meager postings I manage to muster.  At the same time,  I suspect that you have little to no experience with the world I live in… the things I witness on a weekly basis.

  How can you make  edumacated statements about the importance of foreign aid when your explorations regarding “business on the beltway” give you no insights, no clue as to what takes place right here in America?  For the record, I went to a four year university too…whoopie.  My major was  initially journalism,  and yes I graduated. 

Somehow… someway… I wound up going down a different path after college.  Perhaps  because I didn’t have the contacts to land that “needle in a haystack” cub reporter job somewhere.  That’s another of life’s lessons we can explore in depth sometime… the reality of the college experience. For a while, I too shared a lot in common with those in Bluefield who have simply given up.  I had to regroup, reassess, grow stronger.

I daresay the blogger above knows a lot more about the real world then Mr. Wingford.

I’ll have to continue exploring this topic later, time to don the SWAT gear. Desperate people sometimes snap under pressure, and I never know what is going to happen out there… in the land of opportunity.



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