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It’s not easy to hide from the Bulldog.

March 25, 2011

Where have you been Bulldog?  Are you laying face down in a ditch somewhere?

No… not yet anyway….

I’ve been working a pretty big case.  Essentially, a pretty serious game of  “Where’s Waldo?”

  Mr. John Doe has claimed that he’s now a resident of Canada… and thus far he’s been pretty hard to locate.

When the going gets tough, I  keep on going.   Most of the time, Bulldog persistence pays off.

 Lots of coffee, frustration, and digging….

In Canada eh?



Hmm, that’s interesting.   I found this tonight:

What would a resident of Canada be doing  requesting a firearms permit (two weeks ago ) from a Virginia courthouse?   The applicant has  the same first, middle, and last name of  my POI (Person of Interest).  He also applied for said permit in the county that Mr. Doe used to reside in…  



One Comment
  1. Don Majo permalink

    Very very cool bulldog, great Id work!

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