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THE HERO HD camcorder: Scores a ZERO for PI work.

April 13, 2011

Has anyone else noticed that time/date stamps are becoming a rarity with camcorders?

It’s true.  Fewer and fewer of them seem to have the feature. 

Now look, Bulldog P.I’s aren’t the only ones that like to have a time and date stamp. In fact, things havent changed that much since when camcorders irst came out.  Many customers  use them for the same reasons they always have:  grandma andgrandpa recording a birthday party…. proud parents recording junior’s first steps…

What has changed (at least in this opinionated P.I’s eyes), is that camera manufacturers today have joined the ranks selling packaging, not product.

Take the popular flip camcorder for example: 

A very neat toy.  I say “toy” because for someone obtaining evidence that may later be used in a court of law, absence of a time/date stamp pretty much puts it in that category.  Opposing counsel could have a field day with accusations:

“So how are we supposed to know for sure when this was actually recorded?”

I just purchased a  HERO HD camera.  Extremely small, rugged, and impressive.  After experimenting with it I found out that yet again…  the manufacturer has left out  a time/date stamp option on video playback.  Zilch…Nada..none.

I called the manufacturer to clarify this.  “Sorry, that’s a very advanced feature that the vast majority of customers don’t desire.”

Oh really? Since when??? That feature was very present and popular back when Camcorders took up a small suitcase just to tote around.  So now in 2011 it’s become some sort of  a unique request?

In  terms of the HEROS video quality, very impressive.  However, without a time/date stamp available on playback, it’s usefullness is in  doubt.  The HERO  is looking like a ZERO, at least for my purposes.


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