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NEWSFLASH AEP: If you want to stop copper theft, be proactive!

April 14, 2011

Well, I’ve let my irritation simmer long enough.    The word has gotten back to me that AEP is in a new and interesting legal pickle.  Apparently they are being sued by someone who allegedly climbed one of their towers to steal high voltage lines for the copper value.

The “victim’s” complaint is a bit on the unique side however.  The alleged thief  became trapped in a precarious position on the tower and lost his nerve.  A 911 call resulted in AEP coming to his rescue and helping him off of the tower.  Apparently he now feels that the responding AEP personnel helped him down  in an unsafe manner and put his life at risk.

This is the world we live in today.  These are the mindsets we deal with.  

All aboard  the Bulldog’s honesty express.

Look AEP, quite frankly I’m tired of the public sympathy campaign you’ve launched on your website and in the media.  It’s time to leave ‘Namby Pamby land’  and get real. To reduce the copper theft problem, you need to become proactive.  Hire an investigator, maybe even a team of investigators to pursue the cases of theft.  Law enforcement, particularly in the hardest hit rural areas, simply don’t have the manpower or motivation to dedicate to your cause.

If you became proactive…  had PI’s investigating the thefts and canvassing the scrapyards… the word would get out among copper stealing dirtbags and those recycle centers that convienently don’t ask a lot of questions.  The problem would then dramatically reduce in size:

  1.  AEP would no longer be viewed as a soft target. 
  2.  Less scrupulous scrapyards wouldn’t want to be accused of knowingly accepting stolen property.

Bulldog’s  proposed solution  is a real difficult concept to grasp, isn’t it?  That must be the case,  because AEP has had it in their possession for over a year now.  They don’t seem particularly interested in adopting an effective approach.   Their solution to the ongoing problem wasn’t shared with me.   Sometimes action (or inaction) speaks volumes:   “Let’s raise electric rates, and blame those increases on increasing distribution costs due to  theft.”  

In case the board of directors over at AEP hasn’t noticed, many people in rural areas are not particularly fond of AEP following the  continual  rate increases.   Your hopes of enlisting these country folk in the task of  babysitting  the powerlines are foolish and unrealistic.  No matter how large a reward carrot you dangle out there, it just isn’t going to happen.  These are  the facts. 

By not becoming more proactive and having your own team of investigators address the problem, AEP is acting irresponsibly towards it’s customers. A proactive approach would prove far cheaper in the long run then the millions being wasted on  ineffective media campaigns.  Surely someone up the food chain at AEP is intelligent enough  to realize that?  Some of your customers do, myself included.

The truth hurts as they say.


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  1. dublinvadawg permalink

    I would have left the mother___dangling on the tower and hope for lightning!

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