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Tom Otterness: On my dirtball list

May 5, 2011

So let me see if I understand this correctly.  The mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, is approving the erection of a Tom Otterness scuplture at a  NYC public libary.   Tom Otterness,  early on in his career, ‘got his jollies’ by chaining a dog to a fence and shooting it.  He then filmed the dog as it lay dying in agony… for  the artistic value.

Mayor Bloomberg is better known for continuously griping about Virginias so-called lax gun laws while governing over one of America’s most Orwellian cities. Ahh yes,  New York City:  A place where you better not be caught with so much as a can of pepper spray.  After all, your government will protect you.

I guess due to the strict gun laws in NYC today, chaining the dog to the fence and beating  it to death with a golf club would be the way to go.  One wouldn’t want to get on the mayor’s bad side after all.   So long as you don’t involve the use of a firearm, perhaps Bloomberg could see the artistic value in the act, or at least overlook it as being eccentric.      Just be sure the animal thoroughly suffers in your film.    I can think of a few suggestions regarding the Otterness sculpture, and the artist himself for that matter, but I’ll refrain. 

 I will say that I wouldnt hire Tom Otterness to scrape dog poo off the city streets, let alone promote his sculptures at the public library.

Hey big Apple, great taste in politicians you have there…  oh yes, and artists:

What a dirtball. 

If Tom Otterness winds up mugged on the streets of NYC, I hope someone films the event for it’s artistic value.

If you see something wrong with this picture, let Bloomberg know.


  1. Robin permalink

    Just think Tokyo has the great Hachiko monument (to symbolize the bond between man and dog) & New York will have Tom Otterness (to symbolize man at his most violent) What A Legend for New York to remember. (Or should I say Lesson)

  2. I’m with you — dogs deserve better. And people who buy “art” from an “artist” who thinks a dying dog is “artistic” are contributing to animal abuse. I’m not surprised that you’re standing up for the voiceless animals — that’s very much in keeping with the person I remember! Nice to find the blog — I subscribed and look forward to reading more. Regards, Deb

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