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The Caldwell Fields Murders

May 31, 2011

It’s 2:30 AM, the morning following Memorial day, and  I’m experiencing ‘the joy’ of  insomnia.  Something is really bothering Bulldog, playing on his mind.

I don’t talk about my personal life in my blog.  My family… my past… my exact location… I consider these to be taboo subjects.  There are  harsh realities in this world, lessons not learned in kindergarten.  The sad fact is that some people are little more than predators.    They survive by by studying  possible  prey and gleaning useful details.

If someone wants a piece of Bulldog there’s no reason to make it easy.  I’d rather  make him really work for it.

One such predator took the lives of two Virginia Tech students on August 26th, 2009.  For reasons I certainly won’t get into here, I have a strong suspicion as to who.   As the old Toyota drove past him,  this dirtball knew where  the car was going.  An unfamiliar vehicle adorned with  emblems of Hokie pride would only have one likely destination around sunset.

The Caldwell Fields recreational area is an attractive and secluded spot out in the middle of nowhere.    To get there one turns off of route 460 and onto  Craigs Creek road.  First you pass  the Pandapas Pond shooting range and then continue east.    The road begins as well maintained blacktop, but later becomes bumpy, one-lane gravel.  Little more then a horse trail heading deep into the national forest. 

 My ‘DOI’ (Dirtball Of Interest)  knew  that a vehicle heading to Caldwell Fields would  return to Blacksburg  by the same route.   Little chance the same car would escape him undetected.  There was plenty of time to let visiting hokies  settle in and get comfortable.


On this particular evening a lot of excitement took place at nearby  Camp Tuk-A-Way.   The  Salem high school marching band was practicing with their instruments.   The sounds of  horns, trombones, and cymbals  resonated for miles in both directions.  Oh yes, and drums… let us not forget the drums.   After all, Wednesday  August 26th, 2009 was the middle of band camp week for those enthusiastic students.  Plenty of  convenient  noise to mask out gunfire took placethat evening, just as it had for the last two nights.    Only someone familiar with the camps schedule, or someone who  regularly travels Craigs Creek road that time of day…. would foree such a dark opportunity presenting itself.

All this I learned and more, in the weeks folloing the murders.   Like  so many others,  I  never paid a visit  to Caldwell Fields prior to the  terrible tragedy.  Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles discourge most  from taking the time to wander out that far.  It’s not a place one arrives by accident.

The regular readers of this Blog realize that Bulldog doesn’t live a “Namby Pamby” lifestyle.   It takes alot to shake me up. 

 Even so, the day  that concern and curiousity finally got the better of me, I found myself  on edge.    While drivingto  to the murder site even my legally carried .357 magnum laying  did little to calm the  tension I felt.  Someone willing to commit such a heineous act, the murder of these two innocents without motive, can safely be described as a truly evil individual.

For the record, I don’t think this person has anything to do with Camp Tuk-A-Way, other then knowledge of its location on Craigs Creek road and it’s proximity  to Caldwell Fields.    I do believe  he understood  that the band instruments would camoflauge his anticipated gunfire.  The crime was premeditated I realized, as I glanced  at my cell phone, and confirmed  what I already knew.  No cell phone coverage coverage out that far into the wilderness.  Little opportunity for someone in serious trouble to dial 911.  I was on my own.

Another day inthe life of the Bulldog.

For no apparent reason, other then the thrill of murdering someone, this dirtball took the lives of two innocent college students.   My understanding is  that local law enforcement and I  have the same suspect in mind.  Unfortunately the main stumbling block to criminal charges remains  a lack of solid evidence.

I have additional  theories Id like to explore… primarily through extensive surveillance on this individual.  It’s just  theory, but what if he has retained the murder weapon.  What if it became too risky and  sickly sentimental for him to dispose of.   Wouldn’t the sicko be tempted to fire it off it off now and again?   Surely he would of responded to LE at at the time of his questioning,….  no, he doesnt have a gun of that type or caliber….

Perhaps  he even stated that he doesnt own firearms of any type.


But these are just theories, and my involvement was never requested by the victims families.  That being the case, my hunches remain unexplored.

On the personal side of things, my wife and I lost a child  several years ago due to premature birth complications.  It’s bad enough to loose an infant at such an early stage and natural causes.  The loss of a loved one you’ve fed,sheltered, laughed and cried with  for  approximately 20 years , is another matter altogether.

No other pain can compare to that Nothing.

I want this dirtball caught.  It’s not my case and  I have no financial incentive to pursue it…but that’s not what holds me back.   Without a client, I lack legal grounds to actively investigate.  Exploring the grisly details behind a highly publicized, very serious, criminal matter… without a client?  Bad idea.

I want him caught just the same.

….Just let me off the leash….


  1. Karita Knisely permalink

    I find your blog interesting, as I too have a desire to catch the person(s) responsible for the murders of two, young christians. I reported something to the police following the murders, but according to them, it didn’t pan out. But my gut feeling, still, is that I may have seen activity afterwards that indicated behaviour of a suspect. I never have felt that majority of police/sheriff depts really do a good job in investigating. Email me if interested in my observations….

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