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Dogs Deserving Better in Galax Virginia

June 9, 2011

Please support Dogs Deserve Better and other organizations actively fighting  animal cruelty.  As a private investigator my profession often brings me into rough parts of town, while I’m investigating or serving papers. Sometimes what I see out there really makes my blood boil.   The day I took this picture the thermometer read over 90 degrees in the sun.   I doubt there was a bowl, plastic tub, toilet, or container of water in this dirtball homebrew kennel (let alone food).

What I was doing that day prevented me from bringing unwanted attention to myself by going on the property and addressing the situation.  I also didn’t need the temptation of whopping the dirtball owner on the head a couple of times, and tossing him over the fence for some quality time with  his “pets.”

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  1. Someone in my family has a pit bull named Tinkerbell (which is perfect for her sweet, gentle personality — she really does think she’s a lapdog) who was rescued from a situation not unlike that. Working near a too-small pen where the dog was suffering in the heat with an empty water bowl day after day — he filled it daily — he finally decided to rescue the dog after he watched the owners load up a boat and motor home for a weekend trip without bothering to leave food or water for the dog. She’s had a good home ever since, though it took her months to get used to being treated properly. I’ve never heard her so much as growl in the four years since — except once: when an idiot decided to start yelling at a child playing in the backyard where everyone was having a barbecue. Tink planted herself in front of the child and snarled….and when the idiot moved forward, she barked once. Luckily for Tink, he was smart enough to back off. So she liked the little girl who was being yelled at, wagged her backside (no tail to speak of, but she certainly “wags”) and headed back to where she’d been informing people when it was their turn to scratch behind her ears.

    I hate the way people treat animals…I hope you’ll call animal control when this case is done!

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