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Holly Bobo Investigation: Questionable Progress

June 9, 2011

This article on the Holly Bobo case has an interesting slant on things.  While I don’t take the opinions of the author
as necessarily ‘dead on,’ there’s more then a shred of truth in the author’s reflections.

Holly Bobo Investigation Proves Frustrating to TBI

After reading the commentary, I posted the following response in the reader’s comments section:

 I won’t comment on the suggestions of possible law enforcement corruption but I will say that this has become a highly publicized case. No doubt  in my mind that Inter-departmental politics and other factors have come into play.  I find it interesting that TBI has accused  volunteer groups of  interfering with the investigation. Those kind of statements will likely just alienate local residents that knew and cared about the girl.   A smarter approach would be for TBI to take the reigns, and perhaps  oversee/coordinate the efforts of the volunteer groups.  It never ceases to amaze  me that victims families put complete faith  in LE to solve these sorts of cases.

 The same situation has recently transpired  in Virginia twice  recently.  I’m referring to the the disappearance of Morgan Harrington and the Caldwell Fields murders.  It’s not that LE doesnt want to solve such cases.  Its that so often people with
valuable information are reluctant to share it with LE for other reasons.

Perhaps they’re scared  to get involved, or maybe they’re not big fans of the authorities in question for one reason or another. (Often, that sentiment might be mutually shared.)  These same people might be willing to share an important detail with a
private investigator or someone else they  view as non-threatening.  Someone grateful to get the lead and solely interested in pursuing the matter at hand (not pursuing criminal charges of some kind on  the informant).

Maybe the witness doesn’t have a  squeaky clean criminal history.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that someone with information on a kidnapping or murder might not?  Maybe he dabbles in drugs, or has some petty theft offenses in his past.   Crimes involving kidnapping and murder are another story.  Everyone I’ve ever met is a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Many petty thieves and  drug users still possess a shred  of human decency.     Withholding a crucial piece of information holding the key to solving  heinous crimes  would torment all but the most hardened criminals.

During the initial investigation of  Morgan Harrington’s disappearance  it amazed me how many leads law enforcement  didn’t
follow up on in a timely manner… if at all!   I can make that statement because I personally explored  several of them.   When I contacted the parties in  question, comments were  made such as: “It’s about time someone called me!” and “Finally! Some
is taking me seriously!”

Law enforcement authorities also made a huge mistake during  that particular investigation.   They allegedly  accused a potential witness of lying to law enforcement regarding her sighting.  The insulted party then posted all the juicy  details (her sighting as well as the accusation) on several sleuthing forums.   The story  spread like wildfire from message base to message base.  Others who might have been willing to share possible leads were  ‘turned off’ by the possibility of similar
criticism.  That  witness  may of been mistaken… but she wasn’t lying.  I personally spoke with her.  I’m not certain it wasnt one of the more solid leads.  Accusing  Ms. Doe  of  purposely misleading  police detectives  without offering a motive for her doing so, or contradictory evidence (such as the witness not  actually being at that particular location) was very foolish.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that what goes on behind the scenes often bares little resemblance to what transpires in formal statements made by LE at press conferences:  sometimes for political reasons, sometimes to avoid jeopardizing an active investigation, or a slew of other reasons.

 James “Bulldog” Pollock

Private Investigator

Bulldog Investigations of Virginia

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