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Roanoke Security Services business raided by the ATF

June 13, 2011

I’m familiar with the location mentioned in the recent ATF raid: Professional Security Services.  They not only  own the gun store, they provide private security services in Roanoke and the surrounding area.    A quick business search on  Virginia’s DCJS website  reveals the  categories a  private security firm is licensed to provide in Virginia.  Professional Security Services is registered to provide private investigation, security services, and various areas of related training…    that doesn’t mean I’d make use of them.

I doubt the ATF raided this operation because they were bored.

I don’t have any information regarding the accuracy of the statements on the gunsnet forum, but it does make one wonder.

A word to the wise:   Prior to hiring a company to provide private investigation or security services, it’s important to do your homework regarding who you’re dealing with.  A perspective client would be wise to call Virginia’s Department of Security Services, and speak with someone in the private security section BEFORE signing on the dotted line.   The department can’t go into details, but they can answer specific questions such as “has there been any complaints filed against the organization in the past 12 months?”

If you call up and ask about “XYZ investigations” and the response you get is along the lines of: “Who??” That would also get my attention….

Then I would check and see what (if any) professional organizations the company is a member of.  If the answer is ‘none,’ I’d kind of wonder as to why?


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