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Where is Holly Bobo? Bulldog PI offering $1000 cash reward

September 6, 2011

Bulldog Investigations is offering a $1000 dollar cash reward, in unmarked twenty dollar bills for information  leading to the safe return of Holly Bobo.   

Do I have your attention now?

 Speaking plainly, I don’t care who you are, what your bad habits are, or who you hang out with.  As a private investigator I’ve learned that human beings by definition are a mixture of good and evil.  Someone out there has valuable information but is afraid to speak to the police.  A private investigator is not law enforcement.  If you know something and are reluctant to talk to the authorities, talk to me.

The girl’s family has suffered enough.   All I care about is getting the girl back to her family.  Period.

Obviously if Holly is found, the reward offer expires.  Additionally, Bulldog Investigations reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time, without notice, for any reason.  The offer is however, genuine.

  1. Angelynne permalink

    Do u have permission to do this from the Bobo’s? Please email me asap with creditionals and who/ and when you spoke to the family. There are offers everywhere, lead boxes, forum threads, etc. It is out of control and hurts the case. There is now an 80,000 reward. You need to think about who would take your thousand when all the offers from cruises to cars are offered. PleAs, if you think you can help it is appreciated. But send your leads to the family ,not yourself. If they have you hired, excuse me, my understNding they do not. I will be happy to pass on any info you have and they can call you. Thanks. Please email me in private for other details.

    • To do what? To offer the 1k reward? I didnt know that I needed permission, this is a widely publicized missing persons investigation. Offers everywhere? (Not that I’ve seen, and not that I take seriously). Who would take my offer? I don’t care who that person might be. That’s the difference. $20 dollar unmarked bills. Cruises and cars? LOL Ok, let me explain a few things to you. Who ever has useful information on this disappearance (as well as the Caldwell Fields murders) is NOT going to talk to LE. Understand? They don’t like police…they don’t trust them…. they have a history…they smoke weed….something. They are not going to jepordize their freedom on the wing and a prayer plan. That’s the deal. The reward stands. $1000 dollars. Whereabouts of Holly Bobo offer now expanded to living or deceased (provided that the information has not already been discovered/provided elsewhere.)


  2. Angelynne permalink

    I commented earlier and was just emailed some interesting posts. Indeed you have good insights, but if you are truly interested in this cars instead of stroking your own fur, as so many detective/writers/ paid investigators are, you need to look at the facts beyond the dollar sign. Gather allows Chelsea Hoffman to write for them. This witch from hell is who you quote and as soon as this county realized you did, they will want no part of you. Ms Hoffman came to our county and represented herself as a friend of the family the day Holly disappeared. She later got on topix and referee to Decatur county, the Bobo’s ,and Holly as white trash meth heads. If the wind was not deep enough, she wrote a book called lady killers based on Laura spicer and holly. Legal action will be sought.
    Before this book was known, we wrote a letter to Gaither they would have no respect and diminishing readership in tennessee if he continued letting her write articles. There is a little moral and common sense that should be used. And you question why trust is so hard? Sir. It is not only LE we don’t trust…. They have done less than nosy outsiders trying to make a dime off this horror.
    You wanna help? Quit reading Chelsea. She is the only writer I know who has no dignity, soul, spirit or heart. Look on topix. It’s all there under holly threads. With many more trolls.
    There is a reward offered for info. If you are as good as your claims, we welcome you. The reward money should pay for your time. No one here gets paid in helping the Bobo’s. If your talent is so great, come on down and collect the reward. Chelsea might help if you split it. I’m sorry sit. I am so sick of every outsider telling us the problem. If u are right, prove it and help us fix it.

    • Chuckle. I decided to approve this person’s comments. I dont know Chelsea Hoffman personally, or anything about what may or may not have been posted on topix. I merely found wisdom in what she had written in her article posting, nothing more and nothing less. As for “there is a reward offered for info, if you are as good as your claims we welcome you. The reward money should pay for your time….”

      Umm, the BulldogPI has been around. First off, many times rewards offered on behalf of Victims families are the carrot and the stick routine. Several incidents come to mind where the tipster has actually had to sue in order to recieve payment for his (or her) tip. They also are generally attached to a Law Enforcement (LE) tip line. People ‘in the know’ regarding a disappearance generally speaking, are not squeaky clean. Do you think they are going to be in a hurry to speak with the police? Second, I’ve learned quite a bit regarding publicized missing persons investigations, and just how chaotic things can get over at tip line headquarters.

      During the course of the Morgan Harrington investigation, I know for a fact that several strong sightings and other tips were not followed up on in a timely fashion by LE. I know this, because I personally spoke directly to several tipsters who expressed a great deal of frustration for not being taken seriously. As a result of this I decided to contact them and see what they had to say. Next, in the defense of LE, they are simply not able to dedicate all their resources and time to focusing on one persons disappearance. It just doesnt work that way. In the early months of the investigation’s publicity, the tip lines were absolutely swamped with calls.

      People need torealize that what really occurs so often, is that after a while disappearances, murders, etc wind up taking a backseat, police manpower is refocused on a current, more pressing crime. Do they want to solve the crime? Absolutely. They also however have plenty of others to address. Peoples memories then begin to fade, potential witnesses become harder to locate, evidence is damaged by the weather….. stuff happens. Eventually cases grow cold.

      Do not put blind faith in the system making your problem their top priority. This is truly a nieve course of action if there ever was one. Ask Hurricane Katrina victims in Lousiana their thoughts regarding the system. You chastized me a bit for being an outsider and ‘telling you the problem.’ I only blog what I truly believe and now I get to say my piece.

      It is simply foolish for a victims family to sit back passively when their loved one is missing, turns up murdered, whatever. Im not saying that the Bobo’s aren’t out there taking an active roll, by posting flyers, and making inquiries. It’s not the Bobo case which immediately comes to my mind regarding my previous statement. I would like to however assure you that if the situation was reversed I would bring a PI in to assist. Someone who answers directly to me. Someone who levels with me. Who lets me know what progress has and has not been made. I would not just blindly go along with whatever I am or am not told by LE. As a point of clarificaiton I would also like to say that for a private investigator to be effective it is crucial they work as an asset and not a liability to law enforcement. Once LE realizes the goal of the investigator is not to make a mess of things… maybe even prove useful to them then things can move in a positive direction. A cooperative joint effort. Dialogue. Hopefully this approach makes sense to you.

      My final statement on this matter may truly shock you. I can’t speak for all PI’s but for me, it’s not just about the money. Read my postings about Caldwell Fields. You think I lost sleep over that because I’m not making profit off it? If that’s what you believe, then you can stick it. I have a strong suspicion who did that heinous act. By God I want him caught…period. But Bulldog Investigations is a business, not a hobby. If I want bread on my table, and a roof over my head I have to run it like a business. A professional PI needs to always remember thattime does indeed equal money. Both what’s earned and alot of what’s paid out is measured with a calender. Time waits for no one, and the clock continues to tick. Insurance and licensing fees are typically an annual expense. Mandatory continuing education coursework comes with a pricetag. There are many factors at work. Make no mistake, I genuinely want to help in these matters. If I want to keep the doors opened and lights on for my company, I can’t volunteer my services continuously and at a loss.

      End of Sermon.

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