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In extreme poor taste: The upcoming pro-gun rally at Virginia Tech:

November 4, 2011

Apprently the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League is planning a pro-gun rally on the Virginia Tech campus on November 17th 2011. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on TYT University.

It’ s probably not a big surprise to my blog readership that ‘BulldogPI’ supports the second amendment.  I also (legally) carry concealed a good proportion ot the time.   What may come as a shock to my readership  is that I’m not sure that allowing to carry concealed at Virginia Tech would prove a wise course of action.  I’ve spent enough time in Blacksburg, on the Virginia Tech Campus, and at the nearby national forest shooting range (Pandapas Pond) and observed the behavior of more then a few Hokies.  It is the behavior at the shooting range in particular that I am most disturbed by.   A fair number of  Virginia Tech students make use of that range, and generally upon their arrival I call it a day and depart. I have witnessed old  computers, monitors, and the occasional television set being placed on the firing line by some of VT’s finest.  These and other electronic items have  then been literally shredded through rapid, and in several instances  fully automatic,  gunfire.  The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department is aware of the problem, but inform callers that as nothing illegal is occuring, they are unable to address the situation.  The National Forest Service has also displayed a reluctance to act regarding the matter, and  I  predict that the day will come when those two agencies wind up in a finger pointing contest.  Sooner or later the  death or serious injury of someone at the Pandapas Pond shooting range will be the end result.   

In any case, opening up concealed carry to the student body at large at Virginia Tech as things currently stand would prove a major mistake.  I don’t know what possible measures could  be put in place to screen out the less responsible portion of the firearm enthusiasts at Tech, but my personal suggestion would be to start by addressing the alcohol laden football culture which has developed there.  Virginia Tech appears to be transforming  from an engineering focused university  to a tailgating party school.    So long as this  trend continues and Virginia Tech fails to enforce the supposed student code of responsible conduct,  in the streets of Blacksburg and elsewhere, I cannot support student concealed carry on campus.

Colin Goddard shows himself to be absurdly nieve while he blames firearm ownership as the primary cause of the VT tragedy.    On the flip side of the coin the VCDL’s intent to host  a pro-gun rally at the location of so much suffering is beyond insensitive.   Some people on both sides of the debate just really need to get a clue.


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