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Deductive reasoning: Why a victim’s family needs to hire a PI

November 10, 2011

Private Investigator Bill Warner’s blog entry is a PERFECT example of how victim’s families often make  a terrible mistake.  When a loved one goes missing you need someone in your corner who thinks outside the box.    When a family doesn’t bring in their own investigator to assist  they place unrealistic expectations on law enforcement.  The police don’t have the luxury to focus solely on one person’s disappearance.    PI’s are known for coming up with new possibilities overlooked by  law enforcement.  Private investigators aren’t  pressured by city hall, the fiscal budget,  or some other force behind the scenes to put your problem on hold and address new crimes.   Cases go cold that way… days, weeks, months tick past and memories fade. 

Don’t sit by the passively by the phone waiting for miracles.  Be proactive. 


  1. Good to see the OLD Bulldog back on the blog!
    I have had lousy week and reading your posting… motivated me to put it out that for other to read it. Well done!

    A good private investigator like you is a good investment in finding someone, or finding justice for someone, or just looking after a kid that went off to Virginia Tech and other colleges in Virginia.

    I will always be grateful to you for finding my son and putting us back in touch, BulldogPI!

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