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College Football: A fad out of control

November 11, 2011

The higher up you climb, the harder the impact when you fall.

Several very recently retired football coaches from Penn State  are learning that lesson right now.  Big time.

Most of what needs to be said regarding the Penn State Scandal has already been said. You just need to know where to look… and of course add in  some of the deductive reasoning I like to talk about.  

 Penn State students rioting after the firing of football coach Joe Paterno.

(The  article asks: “Is there something wrong with this picture?”   Uhh, where do you want to start?)

Additional possible  victims. (What a shock.  The recent scandal is over a an assistant coach witnessing the molestation  in 2002??)

March 2, 2002: According to the grand jury report, a graduate assistant tells coach Joe Paterno he saw Sandusky in the locker room shower the night before, performing a sex act on a young boy he estimated to be 10 years old.

So what the hell was going on between 2002 and 2011?  Apparently everyone just played mum?  Is it so surprising that the dirtball may of struck more then once?

Two plus two generally equals four. 

It certainly sounds like, looks like, and smells like a coverup.  Why should one  believe it’s anything different?

Several statements from the Christian Science Monitor sum BulldogPI’s thoughts up quite  nicely:

To at least some observers, it appears the university tried to protect the coach instead of the children.

 Penn State riot: If university can’t fire Joe Paterno, is something wrong?  (This strikes me as a silly, obviously rhetorical,  question.  I believe the intent there was to make people stop and think.  What a crazy world indeed we now live in.)

Yep, that online publication sums things up quite nicely:

“The Penn State riot represents the “warped moral atmosphere” that is created when “universities look to college football as the financial engine of campus that bends the will of the campus,” says Dave Zirin, sports columnist for The Nation magazine.”

Alot of wisdom there.  I sure hope people start to listen………..


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  1. Write Something…

    College Football: What Price was Penn State Coaching willing to pay?
    Most of what needs to be said regarding the Penn State Scandal has already … but look at the price that Penn State Coaching was willing to pay!

    You got it right! The President and the Head Coach were willing to sacrifice those players for the money in College Sports!
    Parents can not assume that the college their kids are attending has the best interests of their kids in mind with their policies. Money for Sports is billing the bills. At looking at the response of the students last night shows that College Sports is like modern day Roman Blood events.

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