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Total Chaos in NYC: Occupy Wall Street Police Brutality Erupts

November 17, 2011

Congratulations Mayor Bloomberg.  You’re now officially on my dirtball list.

BulldogPI already didn’t like you.  Some of your comments regarding firearms ownership are absolutely ludicrious…. and today’s solution (at your direction) to Occupy Wall Street: totally unacceptable.

What the hell is with this?   Or this?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has struck me as not having a clear message…. but they were non-violent.   Lashing out at them with batons accomplishes nothing but taking things up a notch.  I wouldn’t sit idle while some thug with a badge started whomping on me.     Enough said.


If the protesters figure out there are alot more of them then the police…  and decide to fight back…  you’re going to have a real problem in the putrid ‘big apple.’   Moron.


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