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Police Response to OWS is absurd

November 21, 2011

E.D. Kain, contributor to Forbes sums up my own feelings on the matter quite nicely:

“I may be a critic of Occupy Wall Street, but the police are public servants, and public servants have no business treating the public this way… 

By and large, Occupy has been a peaceful affair. Certainly pepper-spraying protesters while they sit calmly in a row like this is a gross abuse of power. It should have our collective blood boiling, whether or not we even agree with the protesters themselves…

And make no mistake, the powers of the police in this country have grown out of hand.”

Well Said.

UC Davis Police Officer spraying students in "self defense."

For more regarding that specific, un-necessary, act of “self-defense,” take a peek at the student paper.

For a movement that doesn’t seem to have a clear message, I’ll give the protesters credit for their resolve.   

As for the University Chancellor, Linda Katehi , she apparently has formed a task force (chuckle) to probe into the matter…. but isn’t willing to resign as the university ‘needs her.”   Oh, please…. I’m researching this,  too early in the morning to read such utter crap.  Yes, crap.  I’m sorry to offend my more delicate readers, but that is pure and utter crapola.

Linda Katehi, the uhh, undoubtly expensive ‘probe’ and ‘task force,’ should be able to gather your necessary findings in all of twenty minutes.  That officer should be fired.  Whomever’s idea it was, if an order was given to spray the students in that manner, should be fired too.  You want a ‘task force’  and a ‘probe?’  Fine.  Get a hold of me, my number isn’t hard to find, and have me come out to California to look into the matter.


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