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Virginia Tech Shooter: Ross Truett Ashley

December 9, 2011

Ross Truett Ashley, 22 years of age.

Recent graduate of Radford University with a degree in Business Management.  Apparently he was still currently enrolled at RU, as a part-time student.

Mr. Ashley is  originally from Partlow Virginia

Motivation is yet unknown

Additional information:

Ashley was  identified by Radford City Police as the individual responsible for stealing a  white 2011 Mercedes SUV from a real estate office in Radford on Wednesday.   The Mercedes was stolen at gunpoint around noon, from Gilbert Real Estate  office.  According to police, the suspect  entered the business armed with a handgun and demanded the keys to the vehicle.  No one in the real estate office was injured.

The vehicle was located the next day on Virginia Tech’s “Smart Road.”  (A limited access road which is used to test new transportation related technologies.)

Radford police had issued a multi-state “Be On the Lookout” (BOL) for the stolen vehicle.

No criminal history to be found.  Only one recent Radford speeding ticket, but nothing that involved Virginia Tech or Blacksburg.   Father is a registered pilot.   No social networking information found as of yet.  Remains a mystery…..

-Bulldog PI

  1. starviego permalink

    The guy graduated from Radford U back in August 2011, and was seen recently with a shaved head. Is it possible he recently graduated from boot camp? That is what I am thinking….

    Also why was the dead policeman driving around in an unmarked car?

    • The shaved head thing in the winter does pique my interest. As for the unmarked car, that’s not all that unusual in this section of Virginia (or on Tech Campus).

  2. starviego permalink

    Just about everybody nowadays leaves some kind of online presence. Interesting that we haven’t heard of any in this case yet.
    J.D. Muller, 22, said he and Ashley kept in touch through social media…

    • Yes I agree. I didnt find Ross Ashley attached to a facebook, myspace, or other social media page. A bit on the unusual side for a college student. He may of used those sites under a pseudoname.

      • On Sunday afternoon, I checked the fb for both Matt Dailey (who claimed that Ross was his best friend) and JD Muller. Both had fb pages. Both had made comments expressing dismay and surprise over the news about Ross Ashley. A few minutes later, Matt Dailey’s fb was gone/deleted.

  3. starviego permalink

    They are now saying he was driving on the Smart Road in that stolen vehicle when he ran out of gas. The Smart Road has got to be the most heavily surveilled road in the US, its 2 mile stretch watched by live staffers 24/7, according to the website. Thus they should have noticed him immediately.

    • I don’t know about the heaviest surveilled road in the US, but it’s up there. Yes, I agree they should of noticed him immediately. It’s possible that they did and figured someone was running a test or something, and made phone calls rather then flipping out about it. IE: The idea someone managed to “sneak on” to the road the way I described was probably not their first thought… not great ‘out of the box’ thinkers over there….

  4. Amateur PI permalink

    Ross Truett Ashley incident at Va. Tech.

    All info gleaned from Google searches for news reports as of Dec 14, 2011:

    1. Ashley shaved head recently; victim Officer Crouse also had shaved head; so did perp in 2011 AZ mass shooting who had also shaved his head just before incident.

    2. Ashley shot firearms several times at range in summer 2011; Officer Crouse was a firearms instructor; Va CCW permits cost only $50 max. so low income Ashley could have afforded; Ashley was 22, so he had recently become eligible at 21 yrs of age for Va CCW

    3. Court records for Radford General District Court show that Ashley received a speeding ticket Oct. 25 for driving 38 mph in a 25 mph zone. So, he had his own vehicle? Why then did he hijack landlords car? Suspected GPS unit in his car?

    4. Ashley also took the keys to the various rental apartments. Why? Where they ALL on the same key fob as the owners car keys?

    5. Had problems with family he wouldn’t talk about even to friends.

    6. Ashley’s building neighbor Radford University grad student T.J. Shaver’s roommate, Megan Dudley tried to get police to explain what was going on with Ashley’s room search. After a few hours, one of them offered:  ’We got ourselves a mess.’ “I had no idea what she meant,” Dudley said.; Messy room or messy situation due to information found?

    7. “There was a dark side about him that was very disturbing,” said Shaver, a 25-year-old graduate student who feared that the slightest provocation of the brooding young man, known to compulsively run back and forth in the hallways, somehow would set him off. “Like when he left his laundry in the dryer and I had remove it so I could do mine; I actually worried what he would do. So I folded it up neatly out of a sort of fear,” he said. This characterization of Ashley is completely different from those from everyone else. So, why were neighbors apparently treated so differently from everyone else he knew?

    8. His friend said he and Ashley had shot pool and watched football at a local bar on Tuesday night, just before the Thursday shooting. There was no sign that his pal was plotting a murder, he said. “I don’t think Ross is the kind of person to do this without some kind of reason,” he told the Times.

    • Very good, it’s apparent to me you’re paying attention to important details. Additionally, I wasnt aware Crouse was a firearms instructor, or that Ashley had taken a number of apartment keys at the time of the robbery. Please email me with additional details.

    • starviego permalink
      (in the comments section)
      During the WDBJ report yesterday, they said he actually drove his car to the real estate office and left it there when he stole the SUV.

      I this is true the cops would have a tough time explaining why the Mercedes was stolen to begin with.

  5. No Shave November is very commonly observed by college students across the nation. College kids don’t shave all during the month of November. Deriek Crouse too had a shaved head, ironically.

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