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Open Letter to The Collegiate Times

December 10, 2011

Mr. Crizer et al:

I, like so many others, am unable to make sense of this terrible tragedy.  At this point in time it appears that Ross Ashley stole a white Mercedes, and after a day or so drove the vehicle to Virginia Tech.  He then parked the vehicle in an unusual location on campus and murdered Deriek Crouse.   Why?  To what end?  The man had no criminal charges on him whatsoever.  Ross Ashley’s criminal history contains nothing but one  recent Radford speeding ticket.   Also puzzling to me is the lack of social media information on  him thus far.   I find it odd that he apparently had no Facebook, Myspace page and the like… or at least I haven’t been able to find one.  We all know that goes against the norm for a young college student of today. 

Mr. Crouse’s family, and indeed the entire Hokie community deserve some sort of understanding and answers as to why.  Was this just a total act of random violence?  It makes no sense to me…. unlike what happened with Cho or with the Caldwell Fields tragedy, there doesn’t even appear to be some twisted  grudge.

We all want answers on this., and am impressed with the Collegiate Times’  reporting on this story.  I’ve decided to offer my assistance to your publication on looking into this matter ‘pro bono’, within certain limitations which may stem from unforseen expenses.  As a private investigator I have access to resources that you may not.   That is not to say I haven’t found your journalists quite resourceful.  Perhaps by working together we can shed light on Mr. Ashley’s elusive motive.

James Pollock

Bulldog Investigations

Virginia DCJS license #11-6038

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