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Another Ross Ashley ‘puzzle piece’: Yellow Sulfur Road

December 13, 2011

How does one drive a stolen white Mercedes SUV onto a restricted access roadway, complete with sophisticated security gates,  a manned control center, and sophisticated security cameras.  How does a 22 year old college student, driving  a very distinct stolen vehicle, accomplish all that without being immediately arrested?

Answer:  You find a back way in.

Early  Thursday morning on December  8th, Ross Ashley drove the stolen Mercedes SUV onto Yellow Sulfur road.  He knew that if you follow  that particular route  long enough it goes from smooth blacktop to rutty gravel, and past some very interesting residences.   It also contains a secret.   A little known access point, which with just the right amount of maneuvering , enables you onto a restricted piece of roadway.  This approximately 2 miles stretch of experimental highway is  operated and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Without getting into details on exactly where, Ross Ashley made his way from dusty gravel to what I believe was his intended parking spot for the Mercedes right along:  hidden behind a building on what is dubbed ‘the smart road.’

But how did he get from that remote location to Virginia Tech main campus?

According to a couple of confidential sources, you do what alot of trusting, young college students would do….  

Hitch a ride.

The Collegiate Times newspaper reported this morning that Ross Ashley was videotaped in Blacksburg on Wednesday afternoon.  That makes sense to me, I doubt he would of taken the risk of driving  a stolen car around.  The  Mercedes was discovered and subsequently reported to Blacksburg police around 9:30AM the following morning

A question gets answered, only for  new ones to surface.   Just where in Blacksburg   did Ross ashley and the white Mercedes spend the night?   I’m confident it was somewhere close to or within  Blacksburg.

Ross Ashley didn’t turn onto ‘the smart road’ by accident. For someone from northern Virginia, he certainly seemed well versed on the more remote nooks and crannies of Montgomery County.    I also don’t believe that suicide was his initial intention.   You don’t bother to change your outfit and ditch your drivers license if that’s on the menu.  Too much trouble and a complete waste of time.

No,  only when he realized it was ‘game over,’ did  Mr. Ashley decided to take his own life  versus being brought in.

Ross Truett Ashley had  a plan.

How Officer Deriek Crouse fit into the plot, or if he was part of it at all, I don’t know…



  1. Hello BullDog, Nice work! Have you investigated the MKultra projects, Cathy O’Brien, the darpa funded research facility in Butt Mountain, Blacksburg, VA, VT’s project to produce a new anti-depressant. “VA Tech is the location of research on a triple re-uptake inhibitor antidepressant by Astra Zeneca and VA Tech by two researchers going on since 1996. According to an article in 2009, human clinical trials were to be undertaken in about two years from when the article was written which means about now” Wonder if Ross Ashley was a victim of mind control as well as a test subject for the new drug? Keep up the good work!

  2. Look at the similarities in this case to Jared Lee Loughner, who friends say dramatically changed in the year prior to his shooting in Arizona. Notice how these shooters seem to have 3 names. Someone mentioned Jared Loughner and was corrected by one of the media outlets, I think ABC, who said his name is “Jared Lee Loughner”. Now Ross Truett Ashley. Think Mark David Chapman. Jared Lee also shaved his head right before the shooting which occurred 11 months ago.

  3. Still bugs me as to why go to VT to kill a cop & not kill the one that approached him later. Was his Ex girl there? Was he depressed & on meds that sometimes give reverse responses? Who was near the bldg where he ended it that he wanted to see?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe I am too interested in conspiracy theories but I think that something is definitely going on…… but unfortunately we may never be privy to exactly what. If something experimental is going on…… such as a new antidepressant that is being tested on individuals that are suffering from depression, due to HIPPA laws, we will not be able to have access to any of these individuals health records. It is bothersome because the media is all hot and bothered in the beginning……but when the public starts having real questions……..all is quiet, they are on to the next story. The public never gets closure, never gets a “aha! so that explains it!” We can never move on. It is like they do it on purpose. I mean, why report a story if there is no conclusion or attempted “true” conclusion? No truthful follow-up. (maybe I am just nosey, but I want an ending that makes sense and is the truth!)

    I am tired of hearing stories about how these people went from being normal, nice, polite, boy next door types and overnight….transforming into monsters. Point blank…….it does NOT make any sense! I refuse to believe that a person can just change overnight unless it was due to medication or something else. And it is suspicious that similar scenarios happened at the SAME PLACE!

    I know that crime happens and I know that some mental disorders do appear pretty quickly, but this entire story screams that something deeper is going on……..

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