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No Westboro Baptist Church at Virginia Tech? The BulldogPI solution

December 13, 2011

I’ve seen this WBC documentary video before.  With their nasty taste  again in my mouth and on my mind, I let it’s the soundtrack run while performing  household chores. 

While it played, BulldogPI went to work and an  idea came to me…..

It’s very clear that the WBC’s goals are to cause anger, hatred, and interest in their cause.  In my understanding the ‘church’ causes people to lash out at them.  When  they acheieve the desired response, WBC then pursues lucrative lawsuits and thereby add  to their coffers.    Yesterday I put a quick but sincere suggestion on my blog regarding WBC.   The ‘church’ had announced an intention to  arrive yesterday in Blacksburg, and  protest the funeral of officer Deriek Crouse’s funeral.   After learning this I commented  on my blog that the Hokies should repay the favor,  visit outside the WBC church in Kansas, launch a counter pickett.  Rather mysteriously, WBC never showed up in Blacksburg yesterday.  Not a hint or  a peep of them.  

Hmm… interesting.

 Keep in mind what WBC ngages n is psychological warfare.  One achieves victory eitherby  gradually wearing down the other parties’ resistance, or tricking them into your desired course of action .  The Westboro  weapons of preference (protest and pickets) might also prove the achilles heel.

 BulldogPI is a big fan of logic problems;  thus my somewhat philosophical discussions of Occum’s razor.   One should  remember, private investigators are professional seekers of  truth.  We’re good at it, or we don’t eat.   PI’s often discover resourceful methods of  solving problems.  In layman’s terms: ‘think  outside the box (note the action being performed:  thinking).’

I prey someone with enough resources,energy, and means stumbles on my blog and launches what could prove a very effective method of assault on WBC.  Nope, Fred Phelps didn’t show up yesterday.  There wasn’t a sign of him, or a whisper from his flock.

The question is why?  

…Afraid maybe?


Of what?     …Could it be  of ME???


(Chuckle)  How often does WBC they make idol threats?  Anyone have statistics?  Was Fred Phelps outsmarted by a loudmouthed, stubborn, hard to intimidate, ‘Bulldog’ PI?  Study over your opponents tatics and see if they may prove the best option against him.  America, it’s worth a try.  If you want to shut him up, why not start counter protests in Topeka Kansas? By sheer luck, or perhaps  divine inspiration….   I have a hypothesis on how to fight the WBC. 

Not through violence, or hatred but through the same warfare they use… protests and pickets.    I think nothing would anger him more.   For those of you that might be listening,  take it one step further… preach love and tolerence. 

 Those  are the slogans to use on counter signs.  Fight evil and hate through compassion, and love.   As an added bonus:  Fred Phelps has been spewing his angry and vengeful rhetoric so long that he probably believes it.   I doubt little else would get under his skin so thoroughly. I’ll have to remember to ask my friend Larry Zilliox  if he concurs with my proposed approach.  Maybe he’d be willing to stick a response in the comments section of this ramble.


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