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Brady Bill Bunch: The problem is not gun ownership, you morons.

December 15, 2011

From a business angle, BulldogPI knows better then to get into the middle of a politcal debate.   That being said, I’m not known to hold back  when certain groups begin to have diarrhea of the mouth…

If one was to read through my previous blog postings, I make it pretty clear that I’m not in favor of the students at Virginia Tech going armed.  I stated that because I’ve witnessed too much irresponsibility by a large number of those students while they practice at the Pandapass Pond gun range.  (Yes, that is the same location where Cho and apparently Ashley practiced.)

By the way, I’d like to mention that I’ve complained about what takes place there at least three times to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department, and several times to the National Forestry service.  I’m generally told either to mind my own business, or that it isn’t something they can control.  My solution of the Forestry service staffing a range officer during operation hours over there was summarily rejected.  No money in the budget you see…. yet at a popular local waterfall attraction (known as ‘The Cascades’) there are generally three or four employees present on any given day.  The Forestry service charges for parking at the Cascades, but not at the gun range. 

I pointed out that on average, far more visitors make use of the shooting range versus hike the path to  the Cascades.  My message however fell on deaf ears.  One would think think that firearms are discharged at one location and not the other might also bear some weight?

Before going too far afield, I can’t support the student body at Virginia Tech going armed as things currently stand.  There is an enormous amount of responsbility attached to carrying a firearm, let alone around a college campus.   This all ties back to the heart of the problem lying underneath gun associated violence.

Our nation has fallen into disrepair.  Our nation shares many similiarities with the ancient Roman Empire.  America focuses far too deeply on entertainment, versus self-improvement…. our obsession with football (the modern version of Roman’s  gladiator games ala ‘Stupor-bowl’).  We’ve adopted a live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself approach to life.    Many Americans share the belief  our elected representatives pursue office for power and money, not to represent their constituents.  Our foreign policies are a mess, last years ally winds up becoming next years enemy.  Anyone else aware that once upon a time Osama was viewed as an Ally?

The blame for all this ultimately falls squarely on the shoulders of the American people.  Generally speaking we’ve become lazy and complacent, on the hunt for ‘the quick and easy.’  Eventually the United States will likely become a nanny-state  ‘for our own good.’ The anti-firearm activists preaching the elimination of private ownership will  result in significantly reduced crime spend too much time in  ‘Namby Pamby’ land.  Dirtballs will purchase, steal, or construct guns anyway, once their legal purchase becomes outlawed.  . If that  becomes too difficult an option, they will simply turn to other resources.  

 The decline in John Q. Public’s  value system coupled with the growing deterioration of personal responsibility has created the mess were in.   It’s much easier however to blame easy access to potentially dangerous objects then to scrutinize the owners themselves.



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