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The murder of Deriek Crouse: Was this over football?

December 15, 2011

The motive of Ross Ashley remains a mystery and very much on everyone’s mind.  BulldogPI is considering several possiblilities for this tragedy.  Since the  media is skirting all around one particular theme, I might as well put it on the table before someone else does.

Article #1

Article #2

Article #3

There are plenty of other articles discussing Ross Ashley, the majority of them mentioning his involvement in, or love for, football in some way.

Now take a gander at this.

Zack Luckett had a number of legal troubles prior to this arrest.  Following this one he was suspended from the team for over year, and almost lost his athletic scholarship.

A knowledgeable source has informed me that Officer Deriek  Crouse commonly performed traffic duty, and was often observed doing so at the very location he was murdered.   He also told me quite a few students were aware of this.   

Although this proves nothing, I do find it intriguing.    Anyone with information on whether or not Mr. Ashley was a diehard Hokies fan, please contact me.  Of  particular interest to me is whether Zack Luckett was one of his favorite players. 

I’m also eager to learn the identity of the man in the attached photograph.


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  1. If he was treated for depression did he take meds associated with causing suicidal behavior?

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