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A private investigator’s analysis of the Virginia Tech Murder

December 17, 2011

I decided to post a comment on the Collegiate Times in response to their coverage of the recent tragedy.  As whether it will remain  publically accessible is questionable , I’ve decided to re-post my analysis  here:


There is more to what happened  then is in the news.

I have heard rumors regarding Gilbert Realty and a possible reason to target that location for the theft.  Rather then spread those rumors,  I would like to hear what other commenters might have to say on the subject.

Further, Ross Ashley took a little known backway in to ‘the smart road.’ I find it highly unlikely that he stumbled on that route and access point accidently. He either had help, had been there before with friends, or something of that nature.

His visit to Virginia Tech, parking where he did, and so forth was pre-planned. I am clueless as the rest of you on why he would target Officer Crouse. From what I understand however, Officer Crouse was known to work traffic duty and park at that location on a regular (possibly predictable basis?).

 At this point, the only tie I have between Ross Ashley and Deriek Crouse involves football. It appears that Ross Ashley was almost obsessed with football, and Deriek Crouse had arrested Zach Luckett a few years back for a DUI (resulting in his suspension from the team, and almost costing him his football scholarship).

I do find it absurd for people to go along with the concept that Ross Ashley intended to shoot himself in the parking lot. That was ‘plan B.’ You don’t bring a change of clothes, stash them, change your clothes and ditch your drivers license if you intend to put a Kamikaze routine.

I’m leaning towards the possibility that Crouse was specifically targeted by Ashley, but again, other then the football scenario I see no motive. If Ross Ashley just wanted to shoot a police officer, it would of been far easier to just do so in Radford. He also arrived in Blacksburg the day prior to the shooting, and stuck around. Where did he sleep? Where was the car Wednesday night?

Sounds to me like he had at least partial help (hiding himself and the car). As stated, there was a method to his madness, a plan involved. Something went very very wrong for him towards the end. I’m wondering if perhaps he was anticipating a ride out of dodge from the vicinity of the cage… which of course never materialized.

James Pollock
Bulldog Investigations

 As an aside, no response was recieved from the Collegiate Times following my offer to partner on investigating the motive.   I’m confident  the Collegiate Times had no clue on just how Ashley managed to access the Smart Road , or that he hitchhiked in.  At the same time, theyve had more success in establishing contact with Ashley’s friiends/aquaintenances.  We all have our strengths.  Incidentally, Ross Ashley’s older brother attended Tech back in 2008, while Ross attended Wise.  For that and other reasons, it’s very likley Ross Ashley had ties to the Hokie community.

  1. Cathy permalink

    Ross Ashley selected high-profile targets: A 2011 white Mercedes SUV. The Virginia Tech campus. A police officer. Maybe he was simply angry and decided to lash out at high-impact targets for attention? It seems like the only logical conclusion IF there was no personal connection with Officer Crouse. The change-of-clothes looks like a half-hearted attempt to get away or just buy some time for what he knew was a likely ending.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    this case is like a “splinter in my mind” I read your articles yesterday and think that you are spot on with your hunches. i thought about this case all last night, soooo I pondered……

    So many unanswered questions…..

    I am especially drawn to this case because of all the parallels to my own life. I grew up in Spotsylvania and went to Radford University and lived for a year in Blacksburg with friends that went to Tech.

    One of my main questions was this……. (and I am in no means disrespecting Radford University, I went there and it is a great school) but why did he leave UVA to go to Radford? My main guess……financial reasons. Radford is one of the cheaper universities in the state.

    I have a few ideas…. but forgive me if I am wrong with any of the facts (I follow a lot of cases and may have overlooked a detail. And/or some of my questions may have already been answered).

    OK, here goes (and these are just my ideas….. I have no proof for any of it)

    Family issues… Didn’t he have a scholarship to UVA and when he dropped football, lost the scholarship? Due to financial reasons he had to end up at another school that was cheaper….. Radford. He may have been upset due to the fact that UVA is much more prestigious than Radford.
    (I also think that I found his brother and if this particular person is his brother, he seemed to be very successful) So possible sibling rivalry as well??? Anyways, so Ross Ashley (RA) is at Radford and he gets a speeding ticket (yet another disappointment) He remembers Zack Luckett and he begins to associate cops or other authority figures with disappointment and/or loss of control.

    Maybe he knew about the smartroad due to his brother going to tech? Maybe his brother was an engineering major and worked on it?

    Stealing his landlords vehicle. Hmmm perhaps he was behind on rent. Maybe he was getting ready to be evicted???? So he loses it. Steals the landlords vehicle (I wonder why he chose not to shoot her?) and goes to the Smartroad. How far away was the vehicle from a busstop? Perhaps he rode a bus into Blacksburg.

    Then another idea came to me…… what if someone was offering Ashley a huge sum of money for him to kill Crouse? This someone could have helped him…… if that was the case then that is why there is no connection to Ashley and Crouse. Were there any individuals that had a chip on their shoulder towards Crouse?

    Another scenario (very conspiracy theory-like! ;)) Perhaps he was starting to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. This would explain his somewhat bizarre behavior of running down the hallways……..

    I also read that Ross Ashley went to the firing range…..did he cross paths with Crouse there??? Did Crouse ever go to the shooting range and perhaps have a chance encounter there????

    I just have a very hard time believing that this was all coincidental. But one cannot get into the mind of another and see what they see nor feel what they feel and I am looking at this rationally, looking for connections.

    It would be helpful to know if he was taking medication. Could he have had just a really bad reaction to medication??????

    While at Radford, I was extremely depressed and was put on meds……. maybe it is the mountain air or something in the water………

  3. pam thompson permalink

    Is there any connection through Ashley’s former girlfriend? Rumor on campus has suggested a link there…..

  4. Ross was a friend of mine. I graduated before this happened though. I hadn’t spoken with him in a few months. I cant figure it out either but i swear to you he didn’t plan it to end the way it did. He didn’t plan to kill a cop when he stole the car. I cant explain his actions because he never acted like this. He wasn’t a killer or a bad person. And I’m sure that he killed the cop because he was a cop. That is the only connection. Maybe he wanted the cop to shoot him first but got scared and fired. Suicide by cop. I cant tell because i don’t know the details and the cops haven’t released exact details. Wrong place wrong time for the cop. I think he was depressed. My guess is he was sad and desperate and made a horrible spontaneous decision on the spot. I agree though that “something went wrong” at the end…and he was still in contact with his ex at the time of his death, though i don’t know her very well so i cant tell you about their relationship. On a side note, UVA and UVA Wise are not the same school anon. UVA Wise is a tiny school near the WV border high in the mountains (as high as they get in VA). He left UVA Wise because it was small and boring and full of meth (Ross didn’t do drugs…I’ve offered before). He was my first friend when i went to Radford. I still cry from time to time. RIP.

  5. Jeannie permalink

    P, I am so sorry for your loss. ;( thank you for the comment.

  6. Donald Spencer permalink

    Connection? Take a look at these links. Research it more if you’d like.

    In summary, Ross Ashley stole the car and ditched it where the Colloseum was being built, from Joyce “Bennett” who “worked with / is married” to Mark Kinser, who is now building Legends of Blacksburg beside where Crouse was shot.

    There is much more to this story, that I will not disclose in this post.

    But I would like assistance with the research.

    Please follow up with me.

    Thank You.

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