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How many outlaw PI’s are there in Southwestern Virginia?

December 22, 2011

If I find a private investigation company or indivdual conducting investigations without a license, I will make an effort to find out what they are working on.   Not only will I notify DCJS and local law enforcement, I will also  make opposing legal counsel aware of  the situation.     Evidence obtained by an ‘outlaw PI’ should then be summarily discarded during legal proceedings.  One would think attorneys would check an investigation companies credentials prior to using them….

  Welcome to reality.

Additionally, it sure would be nice if DCJS would address an exponentially growing problem.  Here’s a thought:  Concentrate a bit more on keeping the industry legitimate, and a bit less on increasing  state revenue through additional licenses.    When an illegitmate organization is conducting private security business, they should be shut down and fined,not offered advice and a grace period.   If they were shady from the get-go,  why would you expect then to run a clean business going forward? 

 Another real strech of intellect:  Why isn’t the State’s Corporation Commission actually verifying the credentials of organizations offering private security services prior to authorizing them to conduct business within the Commonwealth?


If I am mistaken, and one of these companies is indeed licensed, let me know.   


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