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Open letter to Marc Chandler, Tri-Analysis Inc

December 25, 2011

Mr. Chandler:

 I received your email some time ago.   BulldogPI being not particularly good with holiday downtime…   

 I’ve decided to respond.

 According to the Code of Virginia, Tri-Analysis is in violation of the code of Virginia by advertising for private investigation services if they are not licensed to do so.  I don’t believe there is some sort of a ‘grandfather clause’  of forgiveness; some sort of  exception   allowing an organization’s webpage to continue offering  investigative services once they are no longer licensed. 

Umm…. No.

I also find it quite a stretch of the imagination to believe that Tri-Analysis Inc,  possesses neither  the technical ability, nor financial means, to remove a section off their webpage.  Quite frankly in my opinion, that’s a bit of an absurd statement for you to make  considering the computer forensic services Tri-Analysis offers. 

Incidentially, several states require businesses to maintain a  private investigation license in order to provide computer forensics services.  My understanding is that at one point the Virginia legislature was giving the matter careful consideration. 

According to the Code of Virginia § 9.1-138, an “‘private investigator’ means any individual who engages in the business of, or accepts employment to make, investigations to obtain information on (i) crimes or civil wrongs; (ii) the location, disposition, or recovery of stolen property; (iii) the cause of accidents, fires, damages, or injuries to persons or to property; or (iv) evidence to be used before any court, board, officer, or investigative committee.”

Sure sounds to me  computer forensics might cross into private investigation territory, particularly  if a company assists clients in obtaining court admissible evidence.   

 Regarding Tri-County’s previous compliance status, I have not researched the matter in enough depth to verify or dispute that claim.   Those issues fall under Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services baliwick.    The fact remains that your company is not fully compliant with  DCJS regulations NOW.  At least ‘on paper’, Tri-County still solicits for those services.  You have aroused my curiousity somewhat regarding the referrals you make mention of.  Hopefully someone verifies the legitimacy of those agencies with DCJS before making said referrals.

James Pollock,  BulldogPI

Bulldog Investigations

 From: Marc Chandler

Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 9:03 AM
Subject: Your concern
Mr. Pollock,  we are no longer conducting investigations as part of our business.   However,in response to your concerns, we were fully compliant with all dcjs regulations when we operating as an investigative firm.   We are a data recovery and computer forensics company only now.

We currently do not have the funds to redo the website yet but it is in our plans to do so.  Currently if clients call us we refer them to other investigative companies.

Also, we are currently selling our gps tracking unit if you know anyone who is interested.

Please let me if you any other questions or concerns.

Marc Chandler

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