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Virginia Tech Police: Not considered actual law enforcement??

February 2, 2012

A snippet from the article:

The goal is to ensure campus police receive the same treatment, benefits and recognition as other law enforcement, including qualifying their families for line-of-duty death benefits if they die on the job, said the bill’s patrol, Del. Steve Landes, R-Augusta County. The shooting death of Virginia Tech Police Officer Deriek Crouse during a traffic stop on the campus Dec. 8 highlights the need for the change, Landes told a House Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee this morning.

“At first, they were more of a security force,” Landes said. “But now they’re more professional.”

BulldogPI responds:

My name is James Pollock, and I’m a Virginia private investigator. I was nicknamed “the Bulldog” by a lawyer I did some work for because of my personality type: stubborn, aggressive when working cases (not violent, there is a difference), and perhaps a bit rough around the edges.

 I tend to “call ‘em like I see ‘em.”

Not much reason to sway from that character trait now.

I find the whole situation a bit insulting:  It implies that Virginia Tech police officers are private security, ‘Conservators of the Peace’ currently.  Apparently the state doesn’t currently consider them  ‘full fledged’ police officers. Following the April 16th tragedy, I worked  for a time at Virginia Tech, as a member of their campus watch security team. During that experience I naturally interacted with Virginia Tech Police officers.  I saw what they were made of first hand.

The whole matter strikes me as insulting because the officers at Virginia Tech have more then proven themselves worthy of offical state recognition. Their families most certainly should qualify for death benefits, any debating of the issue is absurd. A bill was introduced?? I wasn’t aware one was necessary, I thought they were categorized as such NOW.

Not only should the bill become law, it most certainly should be retroactively applied to officer Crouses family. Additionally perhaps a Governor’s letter of regret or apology regarding the current oversight would be appropriate.

James “Bulldog” Pollock

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