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Response to Tamara Dietrich’s article: “Virginia Tech, the Snake-Bit College”

February 3, 2012

Ms. Dietrich:

BulldogPI has not had the… (ahem)  ‘pleasure’  of reading your article in it’s entirety.  From the resulting blog entries quoting your comments and the resulting outcry from it’s content, I suspect you threw together  a piece of absolute trash. 

Virginia Tech certainly has it’s problems (please show me a colleger that doesn’t).   The  April 16th tragedy, which our community still suffers the effects of, has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the recent murder of Officer Deriek Crouse.  There aren’t any similiarities whatsoever between the two crimes, except that in both situations the perpetrator had major issues. 

 For you to refer to Virginia Tech as cursed, and as  ‘a place where bullets fly every couple of years’ goes beyond rude.  I would classify your analysis as extremely insensative, and frankly, bordering on disgusting.  The next time you decide to ‘enlighten’ your readership, it might be nice if you actually knew a bit about the topic you were rambling about.


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