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Why BulldogPI? Because not knowing can get you killed….

February 7, 2012

Take your seats…. class is in session. 

Our lesson today addresses the complex relationship between:

The public’s perception:  (What people believe, observe, and personally experience)

Advertising  (Information presented to the general public, promoting tourism, services, or products)

and Reality.  (The truth shall set you free)

While investigating another matter, BulldogPI discovered this illegal and hidden campsite, just before sunset on January 27th.   The tent, clothes, and a variety of other items (descriptions withheld) were approximately 80 feet off of Blacksburg’s Huckleberry Trail. 

80 Feet from the Huckleberry  Trail…..

 from bikers, joggers, and small children

Here’s what I’ve learned since then.  The camp’s occupant was previously admitted to Montgomery County regional hospital (name, age, and additional information are restricted for  privacy reasons. ) I have witheld several additional  photographs and details pending further investigation and possible criminal activity.   Folks, what you see here is not staged…. the campsite and the contents were very real.

 Do you know who this guy is?

 Yes I do.

 Do you think this guy is dangerous? 

  Yes.  Very. 

Does he still ‘camp’ or live along the trail?

On the other question:    Yes. Law enforcement knows.  I told them.   After scoping  out the campsite I called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department and informed them of my discovery.   Afterwards while making my way back to my vehicle (in the dark),  an attractive young woman ran past me… waving.

Uhh.. Not a good  place to jog alone after dark. 

 Pick another location

I think my blog has given insights into my perspectives on things before.  I do indeed see beauty in the world, but I see lots of other things too.  I see pain and frustration,  danger and sadness, questions and elusive answers.  Sometimes what people believe, or what they are ‘sold’, bears little resemblance to reality.  Sometimes for one reason or another, crucial pieces are hidden from public view (accidentally or intentionally, hidden they remain).   That’s where I come in… a seeker of the truth.

I don’t promise my clients answers, the truth often hides from even the best investigator.    I do challenge them, along with their respective legal council, to find an investigator, ‘a truth seeker,’ more persistent and determined.  

I didn’t pick  the company’s name,  an attorney nicknamed me ‘the BulldogPI’ and the rest was simply a logical progression.

 Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got puzzle piece to find…


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