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February 23, 2012
What Are Clients Saying about Bulldog Investigations?
“My ex-husband defied a court order granting us joint custody of our son.  He refused to allow me visitation and fled with TJ to North Carolina. Someone suggested that I call a private investigator and I’m so thankful that I did.  Bulldog Investigations found where J. was hiding and let the police know.  They also provided surveillance which helped prove what I had told the  judge all along.  Thank God that J. is finally out of my life, and I don’t have to worry about him being a bad influence on TJ.”
-SM, Roanoke
“It was 4 months into my divorce that my lawyer finally suggested I hire a private investigator.  Using Bulldog Investigations really helped prove my case.  What still upsets me is that my attorney didn’t point out how useful a private investigator is in gathering evidence right from the start.”
-DS, Christiansburg
“My firm needed to track down a crucial witness and have him testify on a criminal matter.  The man was very difficult to find, as he had moved several times.  We hired James Pollock to serve the documents, and I’m sure glad we did!   Later the attorney I work for saw Mr. Pollock in the waiting room, and referred to him as Bulldog in jest.  Apparently Mr. Pollock has a sense of humor, and really liked the nickname.  He’s been ‘the Bulldog’ ever since.”
KS, legal assistant with a Princeton WV law firm.
“When another PI company near Radford let me down I was about ready to give up, but I needed to know the truth. I’m sure glad that I called Bulldog Investigations before throwing in the towel. The difference between  Bulldog and the other guy was like night and day”
 Kate, Blacksburg
  1. “Bulldog Investigations put me back in touch with my son after years of searching.
    The difference is the tenacious nature of the Bulldog PI’s smart, experienced approach to investigations … he don’t give up.”

    Fred Holland, Dallas, Texas

  2. Sounds like a great company.

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