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A testimonial as to why clients need the ‘BulldogPI’ on their side

February 28, 2012

Actual email correspondence between your truly, and a very busy paralegal.   She is employed with an prestigious firm in a metropolitan area outside of Virginia.  I have little doubt that ‘Dolores’  stays extremely busy with such a demanding job.  I am quite flattered that she took the time to send such kind words of praise.  She’s a true  class act, as my father used to say.  After sending my response,  I decided to share it with my readership, whoever you are… out there in cyberspace.  Hopefully the correspondence between Dolores and I gives some insight into  the BulldogPI’s determination on behalf of clients.  The service in question was not a simple matter.  The recipient resides in the middle of coal country, moves almost yearly, and doesn’t like visitors.  Still, after an initial tense moment, the service went smoothly enough.  The biggest challenge was in locating her. 

  The actual names of the individuals in question have been changed out of the need for confidentiality. [In case someone didn’t pick up on that.  Better get yourself some coffee….]  Those are the only changes that were made. 



From: ‘Dolores Smith’
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:48 AM
Cc: ‘Steven L. Jones’
Subject: RE: Invoice attached

James, I received your invoice and will process it immediately.  I am also going to put your contact information into our contact database so I don’t lose you.  You have been a true professional to work with and I thank you again for the over and beyond measures you took to ensure that we effected service of process on ‘Jane Doe.’  It was very nice working with you, and I hope to be able to do it again in the future.
Dolores Smith

BulldogPI’s emailed response:

It was my pleasure.  If you need something, even just advice or a question about Virginia or West Virginia, give me a call.  I don’t charge for trying to be helpful.  Besides, as my brother (a professional recruiter) has drilled into my head: “Everyone knows someone.”  My business is a word of mouth referral business. If I don’t keep Ms. ‘Smith’ or Mr. ‘Jones’ happy, then they don’t recommend me when a colleague has a need in my territory.  Doing that little bit extra is  not only the way a professional should be, it’s good business.
If you (or a colleague) need something in Virginia or West Virginia and it’s too far from me to be practical, I try to refer over to an associate I trust.  I don’t charge for that either.  In short, if the phone’s not ringing, and my customers aren’t happy, my son doesn’t get to eat… and that little cuss sure is growing!
It’s been a pleasure Dolores,
James ‘BulldogPI’ Pollock

Now who else is in need of a solution to their problem? 


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