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Copper Theft: The new road to wealth in Rural West Virginia

March 2, 2012

Let’s see what the West Virginia division of Frontier Communications gave away in phone cable today:

Bradshaw, WV 24817 US
300 feet of 600 Pair 24 Gauge Aerial Telephone Cable

Date  3/2/2012 
Iaeger, WV 24844 US
300 feet of 300 Pair 24 Gauge Aerial Telephone Cable

Someone else do the conversion from feet of cable to x thousands of dollars. I’m tired from yesterday’s math.  If you’re volunteering, take a stab at estimated labor costs for me as well, I’m starting to really wonder about that. 

Here’s a new contender in the copper losses sweepstakes:

03/2/2012  Dixie, WV

Details: Service went out on an outage and found 19 spans of neutral wire had been cut down and stolen.

You don’t say. Electric Service went out?   I’m kinda wondering how much effort is being put at a few scrapyards out there…. 

When this   pickup truck with a bed so full of  copper wiring that the tires might blow and the driver gets out and says “Uh, I’m rewiring my house….”  What exactly is your response?  Do you accept that explanation at face value?   Hmmm….  Let me take a moment to share all the wonderful benefits of BB&T’s Bright Banking program…”


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