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Copper theft disrupting WV phone service four times a week

March 16, 2012

Dana Waldo says the thefts are hurting his company’s overall efforts to prepare the Mountain State for the future.

“We’re trying to wire up this state and we have to go back and put our resources, our time and money and effort into restringing wire that was already there, instead of stringing new wire into new areas of the state for additional service,” Waldo said on Tuesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

He estimates Frontier’s service is disrupted four times a week, at least, because of copper thefts.

The company has had to replace a total of 33,000 feet of telephone cable in recent months and thousands of Frontier customers have lost service for stretches of time, creating potential safety issues.

Here are some of Frontier’s reported losses for March thus far:

3/02/2012     Bradshaw, WV          300 feet of 600 Pair 24 Gauge ATC (Big Bucks)

3/02/2012     Iaeger, WV                 300 feet of 300 Pair 24 Gauge ATC

3/06/2012     Branchland, WV        250 feet of ATC

3/09/2012     Summersville, WV     320 feet of ATC, 100 pair/19 gauge copper

3/15/2012     LAWTON, WV            300 feet of ATC, 100 pair/24 guage copper

***ATC:  Acronym for Aerial Telephone Cable



Frontier Communications is aggresively combating wire theft.

Hmm.  Really?  I stand corrected.

Interestingly enough, Frontier apparently doesn’t have a reward program. They believe it’s not necessary since WV citizens are motivated by a desire to keep their telecommunications services.



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