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Morgan Harrington and Occum’s razor

March 18, 2012

I’m convinced…. Norma Parson was right all along….and (almost surprisingly)… so was I.

A crucial missing puzzle piece is (or was) located on the UVA campus itself. 

As to why poor Morgan  Harrington’s remains were found on Anchorage Farm… that answer seems to lie not with the farm, but rather with it’s proximity to Blandemar Estates. 

Think Bulldog.  Think.   Solidify the connection between Blandemar Estates, UVA’s west lawn, ‘sketch’, and who Morgan left with…

Provide the answer, long overdue.

Great…another restless night…


Someone in Charlottesville knows something.  BulldogPI has learned to trust his instincts, and they are absolutely screaming that someone connected to UVA  holds the missing key.    Please don’t let this mystery drag on any longer. …  the Harringtons deserve closure. 

  That was their daughter, not just a statistic.  I agree with their message:

  Help save the next girl.

 Talk to me.


  1. Bill permalink

    Glad to see you haven’t forgotten about this Bulldog! I don’t mean this to be critical of the Harringtons because God knows they have suffered enough and did the best they could under the circumstances. But, I have always believed that this case could have been solved early on if the emphasis was more on the facts and less on preserving Morgan’s reputation and the Harrington name. There were many missed opportunities because the public, who was asked to help, was given inaccurate, false or not enough information. I fear that too much time has passed but I do hope that the person, or more likely people, who did this will be brought to justice.

    • Bill, I agree with you. I personally observed several occasions where LE dropped the ball, in a major way, either by not taking a useful tip seriously enough, or by accusing someone of making false statements (who only had the best intentions).

      As for Bulldog forgetting…not likely. I don’t tend to let things go very often….


  2. Soothsayer permalink

    Occam might actually tend to side with the official police version. Morgan told her friends she would try to find a ride; was known to have asked strangers in the lot for a ride; was seen hitch hiking on Copeley Rd. Bridge by multiple witnesses, corroborated by a canine who found her scent trail ending there. Then she is never seen again (as far as has been reported) until her body is found months later.

    I’m sure Norma is sincere, but it seems likely that she saw some other blond — not Morgan.

    At least two or three cars of nice, normal people passed Morgan on the bridge, probably afraid to pick up a hitch hiker. The bad guy wasn’t afraid.

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